We’ve been using Skype on our Leopard MacBook since – oh about mid-October with very few problems – but there have been many cited on the Internets – mostly in relation to Apple’s redesigned firewall.

Well, for those with problems, Skype has answers – in the form of a 2.7Beta release (at your own risk).  Skype betas have treated us relatively well over the years so we’ll be downloading and testing this shortly.

From Skype:

New in this version

Leopard compatible – if you have the latest Mac OS X 10.5 then you can use Skype with confidence.

Better video resolution – your video conversations are now set at a whopping 640 x 480 pixels by default with up to 25 frames per second. If your webcam can handle this resolution you’ll soon be appearing in an improved and bigger format on friends screens.

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