There’s lots of focus on enterprise applications and games when it comes to iPhone software, but its professional creative users who form the Apple heartland – and musicians have always been familiar with the platform, so we’d like to introduce you to ProRemote, THE iPhone application for pro musicians, and their crew.

ProRemote runs on the iPhone and iPod touch that uses your existing wireless network to control professional audio products such as Digidesign’s ProTools and Apple’s Logic Music production systems.

The software offers users either 8 channels (light edition) or 32 channels of remote control with real-time colour metering and 40mm touch sensitive virtual faders. Up to 8 faders can be controlled simultaneously.

The full version includes a dedicated transport view that allows users to do audio scrubbing/shuttling, set markers (memory locations) and control many advanced aspects of the transport as well as basic play, record, and return to zero.

"I created ProRemote to make it simple to maintain the creative train of thought while remotely controlling and adjusting pro audio products during the recording process," said Alex Lelievre, Principal Computer Scientist/Owner Far Out Labs. "The combination of the iPhone SDK and the revolutionary iPhone and iPod touch devices met my development needs perfectly helping make the vision of what I wanted to create a reality."

Why is this useful? Imagine you are recording your own guitar part, laying down a melody on your keyboard, whatever, and suddenly get gripped by an idea to improve the results, which will require walking out of your booth and over to your computer. Now you can do it from where you are.

The software communicates using its own highly optimized proprietary protocol to ensure smooth delivery of real-time data over a Wi-Fi link. The Server component has been streamlined for use with CPU intensive digital audio applications and will not interfere with professional sessions.

ProRemote costs $149.99, with a Lite version available for just $39. The software is available at the App Store.

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