Why lawyers choose a Mac instead of a PC

Legal professionals are embracing Apple solutions in ever greater numbers, new research provided by online software as service supplier, Clio, claims.

In a survey of 835 US lawyers, Clio found 55 percent of the group already use Macs: 18 percent of Mac-using lawyers have been using a Mac for under a year, 41 percent between 1-3 years and the rest for over 3 years.

Why do legal professionals use a Mac? It isn’t just because they look pretty. 46 percent of lawyers said it is because Apple technology is more reliable and secure, while 32 percent said it was all about usability.

19 percent of those answering the survey who are currently PC users say that are considering switching to Macs in the next year.

Naturally there’s more: just as the iPad is exploding across every other industry, it is making a dent in the legal profession too, 26 percent of respondents currently use an iPad in their office, while 42 percent of those who don’t currently use iPads are considering purchasing iPads in the next year.

Same story for the iPhone. 50.3 percent of lawyers use iPhones.

“27.3% use BlackBerrys; 9.8% use Android-based devices; 2.3% use Palm devices. 27% of respondents plan on switching their primary mobile device in the next year. Of those planning to switch devices, 65% plan on switching to an iPhone; 21% plan on switching to an Android device; only 7% plan on switching to BlackBerry.”

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