Apple’s VP of iOS Scott Forstall got a Twitter back in mid-July and today Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller got his verified. We’ve honestly been following his account for a while now but only very recently could it have been verified (we’ve been keeping an eye on it). According to Schiller’s Twitter bio, he loves Apple, rock and roll, sports, cars, and science. You will notice he loves posting pictures via the Instagram iPhone app and he loves using Ping.

People he follows: Eddie Cue’s hidden Twitter account, FakeSteve (Dan Lyons’ persona) @Gruber and 30 others including Boston and Valley sports teams.

Back in early 2009 he tweeted about Apple and hopefully we get a lot more of that soon. Hopefully this represents some next steps in Apple’s marketing plans and maybe Twitter replies from PSchiller will be the new e-mail reply from SJobs.  Or not.

As of now he has 296 followers.  Something tells us that is about to rise.

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