Those new MacBook Pros – the ones released last month – are not only as fast as last year’s Mac Pros, they can also take 16GB of RAM.  That puts them a pretty rarified world of computing, at least as far as laptops are concerned.

OWC has the brand new OWC133DDR3S8GB  8GB modules currently at $100 per GB price of $800/each.  While some may be able to justify the price now, it will come down dramatically as production ramps up.  4GB modules were just as expensive when they debuted and now they can be had for under $50/each.  This may be the same part for $320 less (no guarantees!)

PS, they also work in last year’s 27-inch  iMacs and some PCs.

Best comment: “For $1600, they must be fashioned by Samurai sword makers.”

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