Although we already told you the white iPhone 4 will be launching this Spring, there have still been doubts since spring is right before the supposed launch of the next-generation iPhone – “iPhone 5.” This has made some people wonder if Apple would actually launch a new iPhone 4 model right before an entirely new iPhone ships.

Relieving these doubts is Apple’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Phil Schiller, who via Twitter reaffirmed the “white iPhone” (didn’t say 4) will be launching  spring-time this year. A good followup question would be is this device for GSM networks? Or will Verizon (CDMA) gain a white iPhone option as well?

A somewhat accurate analyst recently reported that the white iPhone 4 is currently in production with an April launch month. This follows reported improvements in white painting techniques that were backed up by Apple’s launch of a white iPad 2 this weekend.


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