Hot off the presses, new tidbits hit us following the launch of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 and new iPad apps from Adobe, both announced this morning. TUAW reports that Adobe’s video training resources now support iOS-friendly streaming to iPhones, iPods and iPads. Creative pros can now learn new tricks as they commute on train, go for a lunch break and so forth.

It’s an interesting – and rather telling – departure from Adobe’s stubborn insistence on serving Flash-formatted content only to iOS users. Another tidbit comes from MacRumors which profiles Photoshop Remote, the first third-party iPad app built using the Photoshop Touch SDK. Check it out in action right after the break.


Developer Shawn Welch, the brains behind Photoshop Remote, revealed the program just a few hours after Adobe launched the new Photoshop Touch SDK. The SDK lets third-party developers write apps for smartphones and tablets that interact with desktop Photoshop. Shawn’s sample iPad app lets you manipulate images and active Photoshop installations on your network.

It’s a “heads-up-display for all of the Photoshop CS 5.5 installations on your local network”, he wrote in a blog post. The program, up for a May release, features a handy dashboard with live thumbnails representing connected clients.

You can batch-open or save the same image across all active computers, fine-tune Photoshop tools on a per-seat basis, directly manipulate open documents in Photoshop on the iPad’s multitouch display and more.

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