As developer Firemint promised a month ago, racing game Real Racing 2 HD is now live on the App Store with support for real 1080p video output that lets you enjoy action on your big screen in native 1920-by-1080 pixel resolution, without upscaling. It’s a first for iPad 2 and a testament to the power of the A5 chip. TouchArchade got a chance to test out this feature and they walked away impressed with the overall polish and frame rates. Check out a video demo right after the break…


According to the publication, Real Racing 2 HD, a ten bucks download, runs at thirty frames per second in 1080p “without any borders”. When you turn on the 1080p output mode, the game displays a track map and real-time racing telemetry on the device which also doubles as a steering wheel controller. This transition is seamless and automatic, meaning you can disconnect the device during play and it’ll automatically change the video mode and allow you to continue playing right where you left off. I have a feeling this will be a pretty big selling point and a popular feature among gamers that will convince other developers to support 1080p video output in their titles.

Of course, in order to enjoy racing action on your big screen TV, you will need a $39 Apple Digital AV Adapter to connect your iPad 2 to your tube via HDMI.

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