If you’ve jailbroken your iOS device in order to enjoy wonderful apps Apple banned from the App Store, know you will lose them each time you upgrade to a newer firmware because iTunes doesn’t sync them by default. That’s why for many jailbreakers a firmware upgrade usually entails a tedious process of re-downloading and re-installing all their Cydia apps. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Called xBackup, it’s an effective way to backup and restore your jailbroken apps literally with a tap. As a result, firmware updates are a breeze with this nifty app…


First, run xBackup and tap Backup prior to updating your device to a newer iOS version. Then, connect with iTunes and perform a sync. You can now apply a new firmware because iTunes has a copy of your jailbroken apps in a backup file.

When you are done installing the latest firmware, re-jailbreak it, download xBackup via the Cydia Store, run it and tap the Restore button. That’s all there’s to it, really.

xBackup is a $1.50 download from the Cydia Store and it’s hosted in the BigBoss repository.

via iPhone Download blog

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