Mobile devices, especially iOS gadgets, command the largest share of digital game downloads so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that big games publishers are scrambling to port famous franchises over to the iPhone. According to TouchArcade, Duke Nukem Forever is almost certainly in the works for iOS devices. The publication spotted a mention of the App Store in the game’s manual on Steam, leading them to speculate that Gearbox is planning an iOS release of Duke Nukem Forever as well.

What reason could there possibly be to include App Store licensing terms in a document for a PC game?


The “Apple App Store Additional License Terms” section of the manual specifically mentions iPhone and iPod touch so they aren’t mistakenly referring to the Mac App Store (as some folks say). This finding is a solid sign that Duke Nukem Forever is most likely on its way to Apple’s mobile platform. Duke Nukem Forever has been in development in 1997 and was pretty much considered vapourware until Gearbox acquired the franchise from 3D Realms last year. The last known release date is June 9, 2011 and gamers can already pre-order it on Steam. Check out the five released screenshots below.

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