So, you have a great blog and want to run an iPad or iPhone giveaway that would drum up interest and keep those eyeballs glued to their screens… Hope you read Apple’s Guidelines for Third Party Promotions first. Fortune’s Philip Elmer De-Witt did some digging and figured out the document imposes all kinds of restrictions on sweepstakes that are no doubt attractive for your audience, but also devaluing Apple’s reputable brand.

The two-page document that lists these guidelines – and many more – has been around at least since January, but it seems that Apple has begun reaching out to companies to enforce them only recently.

Did you know you’re expected to send Apple all marketing materials related to your promotion? And don’t you ever use “free” as a modifier in headlines and call-outs related to the promotion, like the teaser image we cunningly used for this article. The list goes on and one, here are a few more examples:


• iPad, iPhone and the iPhone Gift Card may not be used in third-party promotions
• iPod touch is only allowed to be used in special circumstances and requires a minimum purchase of 250 units
• you may NOT use the Myriad Set font on or in connection with web sites, products, packaging, manuals, or promotional/advertising materials
• the use of “free” as a modifier in any Apple product reference in a prominent manner (headlines, call- outs, etc.) is prohibited
• you must submit all marketing materials related to the promotion of Apple products to Apple for review

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