iOS software head and frequent Apple Keynote presenter Scott Forstall got his Twitter account verified in July of last year.  That was right after the Apple-Ping-Facebook breakup (iOS Facebook integration was planned in late betas) and, with the benefit of hindsight, about the time Apple may have started getting the idea of Twitter integration.

He follows one account: Conan O’Brien’s, but has yet to send out his first tweet.

Two recent reports say that Apple will integrate Twitter into its iOS 5 as a low level, integrated service with “mediastream” integration.

Forstall will likely be on stage presenting what this Twitter integration will allow iOS users to do.  He may even send out his first Tweet.

Maybe SJobs gets a twitter account as well?  Nah.


Other Apple presenters like Phil Schiller have Twitter accounts but they actually use them pretty regularly.  Eddie Cue has a Twitter account but his tweets are protected.  Perhaps Fostall, above left, will start Tweeting pictures like these.

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