At the Display Taiwan show one of the display vendors, CPT, is showing off what looks like an iPad 1 with a prototype 3D display which requires special eyewear with polarizing lenses. The Apple logo and product labels on the back are covered with stickers, but the device does resemble an iPad, as shown in the included video clip (sorry about the Android intro, folks). Not that it means anything or that has a decent track record of accurate Apple reporting.

Heck, CPT slotting a 3D 9.7-inch panel into a first-generation iPad chassis is probably a PR stunt to drum up their products at the show, but the video is nevertheless worth checking out. We don’t think Apple will for now take the 3D route with iPad 3, but one never knows. By the way, that don’t look like stereoscopic 3D images on the device’s screen. What do you think? Does the idea of the 3D iPad 3 appeal? And with special glasses? Meet us in comments.

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