Prominent iOS application developer, and friend of the website, Steven Troughton-Smith released a neat new iPhone and iPod touch application called “The Lotto Machine that is a random number generator. Besides the great design, the application is unique because of its physics engine. The physics engine is best demonstrated when a user holds down the “Hold to spin!” button that cranks the wheel. The new application also shows off its accelerometer usage when a user tilts their device. As you can see in the video below, as a user moves their phone around in space, the lottery balls also move:

The actual purpose of the beautifully designed App Store application is to pump out random lottery numbers. The application lets you receive up to seven random lottery ball numbers at a time, and the numbers can range up to 60. While the focus of the application’s design is these lottery numbers, you can imagine all the other uses for randomly generating a list of numbers.

Troughton-Smith posted a nice outline and history of the application’s development on his blog:

The Box2D physics engine was key – without it, the app could not exist. There were countless random number generators on the store, but none looked and felt anything like this…. the balls bounce around the drum as you hold the button, and as soon as you let go a series of numbers will pop out of the chute and roll across the shelf. If you move your device about, the accelerometer will also affect the balls and give you a sense of control over the random selection. Not only is it fun to use, but it’s kinda addictive.

The application is now available on the iTunes App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch for $0.99.

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