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9to5Mac once again scoured Apple’s App Store for apps that either launched, updated, announced news, or dropped in price recently and gathered the most noteworthy ones in our regular roundup below. Check it out, but keep checking back as the list continually updates throughout the day.


1. Tumblr | Free
Version 3.2 is now live and completely native. The update includes a redesigned dashboard with bigger photos, new notification previews, fresh blog screens, portraits, and descriptions, automatic GIFs in the dashboard with finger-sliding, and new gesture options.

2. Pulse | Free
Version 3.0 landed recently and introduces a fully redesigned app. The most notable new features include unlimited pages,
improved navigation, comprehensive search, simpler customization, and infinite scrolling.

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3. Google Shopper |  Free
Google rolled out version 3.0 of Google Shopper for iOS and Android today. The app’s newly added improvements include a redesigned home screen with a larger search box and bigger photos, and it now spotlights great sales and special offers from the new Sales page. Version 3.0 also notably integrated GoodGuide, a rating system that details whether a product is healthy, safe, or environmentally friendly.

4. Dragon Remote Microphone and Dragon Recorder |  Free and Free
Version 1.4 of Dragon Remote Microphone now supports Spanish and Italian, while Version 1.3 adds the same new capabilities.

5. IMO | Free
A new version of the IMO instant messenger app will launch Nov. 13 for free in the App Store. Check out 9to5Mac’s preview of the upcoming update.

Price drops

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