Several 9to5Mac readers, most of which are located in the United Kingdom, reported that movies and TV shows have oddly disappeared from the Apple TV menu. A thread on Apple’s Support forums confirmed many users are now experiencing the issue.

While the problem originally appeared to only affect users located in the U.K., more reports on Twitter, as highlighted in the selection of tweets below, from New York, France, Ireland, and Australia further confirmed missing icons. One user on Apple support forums claimed Apple informed him the icons would be restored soon and that the stores continue to work in the U.S. and Luxembourg:

I have spoken to Apple Tech support. They advised me to restore my Apple TV and hopefully that would fix the issue.. It didn’t. I then called them back and they told me they knew about this problem and that Apple were upgrading their systems and the icons should appear again soon. They also mentioned that the US and Luxembourg stores work.

Apple’s system status page is not currently reporting any outages for the iTunes Store in the U.S., or the U.K., but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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