This past weekend, an image claiming to show a bin of boxes for Apple’s upcoming lower-cost, plastic iPhone emerged with “iPhone 5C” as the purported product name. However, earlier today, the image was claimed to be debunked due to some minor inconsistencies and image distortion. The inconstancies do not seem to be prominent enough, though, to completely rule out legitimacy. Now, BusinessInsider is separately reporting that “iPhone 5C” will be the name of the upcoming plastic iPhone.

It’s unclear what the “C” in “5C” stands for, but we can discern from the 5 that the plastic iPhone could be a cheaper version of the IPhone 5, complete with plastic, colors, and perhaps slower processing speeds. Possibilities for “C” could include “Colors” (the plastic iPhone is rumored to be coming in a flurry of colored plastics), or “Cheap” for its lower-cost. For the previous “S” line of iPhones, Apple said that the “S” in iPhone 3GS stands for “Speed,” while the “S” in iPhone 4S” is for “Siri.”

Corroborating today’s claim is an April posting from iLounge, which happened to first report many of the now corroborated design details of the upcoming Apple smartphone:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 8.51.40 AM

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17 Responses to “‘iPhone 5C’ name called legit even after packaging called fake”

  1. RP says:

    The packaging is legit, there is no question about it.


  2. …the letter ‘C’ stands for either ‘Cheap’ or ‘Color’ or ‘Crap’…


  3. C stands for Cheap lol!


  4. The C actually stands for Color or Colour if your in the UK


  5. The C stands for ‘Con’ – to deceive or swindle (someone) by gaining his or her trust.
    Or ‘Conceal’ – to cover and hide. Or ‘Conceit’ – too high an opinion of oneself. Or ‘Confuse’ – mix up, mistake (one thing) for another. Or ‘Contradict’ – declare the opposite of (a statement) to be true. Or just plain… ‘Crap’!!


  6. C could stand for Consumer because Apple used Polycarbonate for their consumer products prior to 2010 I believe, in relation to their pro products that was built with Aluminum/Titanium and Glass.


  7. I agree. I think the two models will be C for Colour / Color (hence why they will call it the iPhone C, rivery across the pond and all). I also think they will release another S. Better spec’ed iPhone 5 plus extra LTE / 4G frequencies for us in the UK / Rest of World.

    I even create a iPhone 5c Logo!


  8. tecgaming360 says:

    I think C stands for cheap


  9. John Kong says:

    Considering how Apple does things shouldn’t those boxes be stacked neatly in rows and columns to maximize space? It would seem to be more efficient as well as prevent them from being scratched.


  10. I had heard the “C” was being used internally to reference a greater push in the Chinese low-end market, i.e., C = China.


  11. The image distortion is probably just compression artifacts.


  12. Noni Cantika says:

    Um, maybe C actually stands for Cheap, becouse its lower cost..


  13. ‘iPhone 5C’ name called legit even after packaging called fake PULAU PARI