Looks like the rumors are true: iOS 7 beta 4 has leaked a new folder called “BiometricKitUI.” Based on the description, sent to us by Hamza Sood,it seems pretty clear that Apple is preparing a new iPhone with a fingerprint sensor.The interface is described above, pointing to a user being able to swipe the sensor on the iPhone’s home button.

The text:


Photo of a person holding an iPhone with their left hand while touching the Home button with their thumb_;

A fingerprint that changes colour during the setup process._

iPhoto of a person holding an iPhone with their right hand while touching the Home button with their thumb_Recognition is

Sood tells us that the above strings are what an iPhone with VoiceOver on would read to a user. According to a source familiar with the development of the new iPhone, the user-interface for the fingerprint scanning system has been complete. This person also says that the technology is focused around unlocking the phone, so it is unclear if it is built for a payment system (as rumored) in the next iPhone. We previously reported that Apple’s iWatch will include some biometric related hardware/software features.

Also coming in the new iPhone, likely to look like the iPhone 5, is an improved camera system, A7 processor, and perhaps some new voice and camera features.

Update: This reference has been removed in the new iOS 7 beta 5 SDK, but smaller hints still remain in the system.

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30 Responses to “New iPhone with biometric fingerprint sensor seemingly confirmed by iOS leak”

  1. nmpomes says:

    How do you view these folders and files from iOS 7?


  2. Brian Khan says:

    If those are the only new features that Apple thinks will be sufficient to stay ahead of they game, then Apple is indeed in a very sad place.


    • alvinguzman says:

      I understand what you are saying but I bet Apple is thinking about the 70M+ that bought the 4S – if that’s a nice chunk to go after


    • the name of the game is iterative improvements, and has been since the 2007’s iphone. thats apple’s bag, not introducing change for change’s sake. it seems to be working pretty well for them — most profitable tech company ever and with the largest cash reserves ever.


  3. Welp, that’s all I needed to convince me to upgrade to the S model. Well done, Apple.


  4. Awesome news, been hoping for this for a long time. It will be the beginning of the end of username/passwords.


  5. abot87 says:

    Looks like the S in 5S will be for “Security”?


  6. Matt W says:

    Mark thanks for the heads up. Well done getting the story out quickly to us readers.


  7. PMZanetti says:

    Concerned about the “swipe” part.

    If they go to the trouble of building it in to the Home Button (as opposed to the screen), it should be as simple as pick up your phone, press the home button, done..unlocked.


    • Stetson says:

      Unless I’m missing something the word “swipe” does not appear in any of the screenshots, that’s a word added by 9to5.

      All of the shown strings refer to touching the home button, not swiping it.


  8. Still being prompted to log in to WordPress to reply, but @PMZanetti: Good point. It seems un-Apple to have that extra step. Having a bio sensor should make the swipe to unlock function redundant.


  9. Ugh, no thanks. I work for a company with biometric login and I spend a good 5 minutes a morning trying to get it to recognize my fingerprint for all the different systems I need to log into. Maybe the sensor will be better than what we’re using but in my experience it’s a royal PITA.


    • techknowledgist says:

      I worked with a physician who was always washing his hands and they were so dry he very often could not operate the fingerprint sensor in his own laptop. Fortunately, as his assistant I was enrolled as a backup and could unlock the computer for him. I convinced him to try moisturizing his hands following his contact with patients and over the course of a few days, the fingerprint sensor began to work more reliably for him. Whether the results were due to the new regimen or not, that is difficult to prove, but it may be of some use to know that it seemed to help.


    • addicted4444 says:

      1) This is almost certainly going to be an optional feature, and possibly also allow either entering the passcode or using the thumbprint. Either way, if you dont want to use it, it is unlikely to affect your experience negatively in any possible way.

      2) People were saying the same things about a touchscreen after the iPhone was first demoed in Jan 2007. Just because some company does a terrible job of placing a biometric sensor in their cheaply made and designed products doesn’t mean Apple will necessarily be the same.


  10. Ezhik says:

    Oh god… I don’t want my next phone to have this crap, and if Apple does it, so will everyone else.


  11. I hope (surely they will) there is an option to unlock using the passcode (just in case my thumb is injured or something)


  12. Luke Mansell says:

    Would be cool to see it allow you to purchase songs, movies and apps by using your fingerprint instead of password.


  13. Brian Murphy says:

    If I can use my fingerprint to fill passwords and credit card numbers, as well as unlock my phone, this is the biggest feature ever. If it works right.


  14. If the iPhone 5S has a fingerprint reader as I hope, the iPad and the iPad mini should come with it too. Then the experience would be complete on all their devices ;)


  15. is the button big enough the scan our whole fingerprint? the i5 home button is even smaller than the 4 and 4s’.


  16. We’ll see, either it’ll be one of those where you swipe your finger downwards(most likely), or you press your finger against the screen.

    I do believe it was mentioned that the sensor will not be a separate area near the home button. It’ll just be on the screen itself.


  17. Pretty cool! Can’t wait for both iOS 7 and the new iPhone!

    Linked on Sprawler:


  18. will it be able to contrast the androids by Google? It must be cheap and give the user a better interface in order to do that.Can’t wait


  19. Glenn Barto says:

    can we get IOS 7 for the 5 and will we finally get wifi calling. Sorry I bought the stupid phone


  20. mafatlaal says:

    Is there no one worried about a hacker or a malicious app/code etc be able to lift your fingerprints and do whatsoever they wish with it?


  21. They should make all phones have it, only reason I’m still on the Atrix. HURRY UP! APPLE!