After launching its first official Android app back in June, popular photo sharing service Imgur this week finally released its first app for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. The new free app provides the majority of features that users can access through the web version of the service, including: the ability to browse, comment, upload photos, and manage accounts and albums.

Although it’s the first app the company has released itself, it already has competition with a handful of popular third-party clients in the App Store. Those apps use an API that the company provides and has frequently been adding new features to, but some include features not yet available in Imgur’s own app. Early reviews note that the app doesn’t yet allow users to save photos into their library, while sharing options for GIFs aren’t available from albums.

When it launched its Android app Imgur teased that additional content creation features were on the way, so it’s likely the company has plans to implement more features in the mobile app beyond what’s offered through the service on the web.

The Imgur app is available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.  


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One Response to “Official ‘Imgur’ iOS app finally arrives on the App Store”

  1. broker18 says:

    It’s not a native app, there are others that are much better like imgur browsr and imgur pocket.