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If you have ever gone to an Apple Store, some of the statements on the new website might sound familiar. “FRS” is short for “Family Room Specialist,” and this is the title of Apple’s retail workers on the Apple Store showroom floor. To move through “excuses,” just click the excuse.

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4 Responses to “‘FRS Excuses’ website showcases some possibly familiar statements from Apple Stores”

  1. formercreative says:

    Family Room Specialists are not “showroom floor” workers. They are Apple’s way of phasing out/reducing the numbers of their better-paid and -qualified Geniuses and Creatives. FRSs do all the iOS Genius Bar appointments and many of the One-to-One sessions, but have few-to-no sales responsibilities.


  2. someone should look up the word of “excuse” and compare to the legitimate answer to the overall redundant that are brought up by customers in the retail stores. This site is absolutely ridiculous. an Apple product is a choice made by a consumer, the company has laid out very specific guidelines to serve customers and service their products. I often wonder if another product offers the same?

    Apple, iOS, & iOS devices aren’t for everyone. Too each is own. but lets not find ways nitpick at individuals just doing their jobs.


  3. formercreative says:

    Picasso: I mostly took this in good humor as a site for FRSs (and Creatives, they have to do iOS queue as well) to list the “excuses” they have to give customers daily. The “You restored from new?” is a perfect example of this. I used to get people everyday at the GB telling me they followed my instructions when they didn’t. These “excuses” are submitted by FRSs in the first place, I’m pretty sure. The general public don’t even know what FRS means, they just think everyone in the store is a “Genius” because Apple only ever ran ads talking about them.


  4. It’s a site for Apple inside jokes, so people shouldn’t be too sensitive about this, and to be fair I wonder if others will fully understand what they were about. However if you can relate to some of the running jokes, you are probably a dickhead and at one point caused pain to those working at the Genius Bar.