Following several photo leaks and reports, Macotakara has posted two videos that show purported shells for the upcoming fifth-generation iPad and low-cost, plastic iPhone. Above is the video of the iPad 5 shell, which shows thinner bezels and is in line with our exclusive photos from January. Below, is the video of what some are calling the “iPhone 5C.” These future products will likely hit the market this fall.

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4 Responses to “Videos of purported iPad 5 and plastic-low-cost iPhone shells hit the web”

  1. Its gonna light up the way it does on our MacBooks.



    Do I see a transparent apple logo? I’m hoping this’ll mean it glows like the Macbook range, that’d be neat.


  3. Not buying the ‘iPad 5′ one. Why would Apple suddenly change the color of the logo on the rear?


  4. I can already see the outburst of people that live in markets that won’t be getting the cheapo iphone, like some EU countries….