Vietnamese website Tinhte, which has a solid track record of getting its hands on pre-release Apple products and accurate mock ups,today posted what it claims are mock ups of two next-generation iPhones. One is the full-fledged “iPhone 5S” upgrade, while the other claims to show the much rumored low-cost “iPhone 5C” that we’ve been hearing a lot about recently. It’s worth noting that Tinhte says the source of the images, Vietnamese accessory supplier PhukienGiare, also supplied the publication with accurate pre-release mock ups of the iPad mini leading up to its launch.

For the iPhone 5S, the design of the mock up appears to be largely the same as the current iPhone 5. Most rumors seem to agree with that much, and the site notes its report from earlier this year that claimed the device will pack in a new 12-megapixel camera. The mock up also shows the dual LED flash that is rumored to make an appearance on the device.

The second mock up shows what the site is referring to the “iPhone 5C“, and shows the all-plastic design that we’ve seen several times in other alleged leaks. The site notes that the Lightning connector looks slightly smaller on the mock up, but it’s unsure if this is just on the mock up or if Apple is experimenting with tweaked connector designs. (The iPhone in the images with the leather skin is an iPhone 5 for comparison).

Earlier this week photographs leaked showing the iPad mini-like design for the next-generation 9.7-inch iPad that we posted of photos of back in January.

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18 Responses to “New mockups claim to show ‘iPhone 5S’ and ‘iPhone 5C’ designs [Gallery]”

  1. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    I hope no one was expecting a bigger display. Tim had said large display smartphones aren’t ready for primetime. When Apple puts out a large-display iPhone then the time will be ready. What’s really amusing is that both of those iPhones will outsell the Samsung Galaxy S4 by the tens of millions even without a large display.

    • PMZanetti says:

      That’s because very few people actually want a display larger than the iPhone 5’s. Most people want a phone to be as small as possible, while not compromised at all. Apple did the right thing by going to 4″. They will also do the right thing by staying at 4″.

  2. @Laughing_Boy48

    So phones with larger displays aren’t ready for primetime until Apple says so?

  3. Personally, as much as I love the company, Apple needs to get it’s head in the game. While I seriously dislike the “always listening” part the Moto X is a fantastic phone. The LG is showing a great detail in design as well with the G2. If the iPhone 5S is the next iPhone and it’s the exact same look and feel as the iPhone 5, they need to wake up. If Apple is going to keep larger device to screen ratio while other companies are putting larger displays in the same size or smaller devices then prepare for a slow slow year.
    They need to either keep the same screen but make the device smaller or add a larger screen to the same size device. Same goes for the iPad at this point.

    • PMZanetti says:

      LMAO. This is just nonsensical Whaaa.

      Who needs to get their head in the game? You DO realize that this same model of 5 –> 5S has been successful for Apple twice before, at two completely different times in the market? You also DO realize that Apple’s iPhone 5C is going to be a tremendous hit with a lot of people, as it is an ideal iPhone design (better than the 5 IMO), and is going to be a NEW phone coming it at FREE & $99 for the respective models?

      This is going to be a big year for the iPhone, and your advertising-influenced ramblings are totally irrelevant.

      • These aren’t “advertising influenced rumblings” I assure you. Working in an Apple retail environment I hear things like “I was going to get an iPhone but the screen is so small” or “I’ll get one once they make the screen larger” more than I hear “the screens are bigger but the software sucks”. I also would agree that the iPhone XS upgrade cycle has worked in the past and the biggest reason has been the fragmentation of Android. As much as I hate to admit it, Google controlling the design of the Moto X has shown what a true “Google Phone” can be and to be honest with you it’s pretty great. Larger display with thinner bezels. They made the right choice on not playing the spec game and focusing of features and usability. Things Apple has done for years to differentiate their products. You can always make the software better and wirelessly push it to users you can make screens larger once they leave the factory.
        To be honest with you if I didn’t have thousands of dollars in the iOS/OS X ecosystem I would think of switching but alas I’m not repurchasing all of my movies and apps.
        I really don’t think the 5C is going to be the white knight your expecting but that’s just IMHO. It will sell well but it’s not going to change the game. I also don’t think that a larger phone will be their saving grace though. The point I was getting at was with models like the Moto X and the G2 companies are focusing on design more than ever. The bezels on these devices are allowing them to make the larger phones smaller. Apple has always been a company who prides itself for being on “the cutting edge” then they should reclaim their spot on the throne. Make the iPhone 5C’s bezels smaller giving the world those smaller phones they asked for. The iPhone on average has a whole 1/2 inch more vertical bezel then it’s competitors. And that’s with the 5, all reports are showing the 5C will be slightly larger. If they made the bezels smaller they could easily get away with 4.6-4.7 inch display without having a huge device. You wanted a smaller phone? Offer an iPhone mini. Steve was wrong about people not wanting 7 inch tablets. The iPad mini has shown this. He could’ve been wrong about not wanting a larger phone too.

  4. Steve Grenier says:

    I really hope they merged the sensors with the speaker. I hated how it looks on the white iPhone 5.

  5. PMZanetti says:

    Samsung is wrong. The world asked for Small phones:

  6. I would not be surprised if a 4.3 inch iPhone (Hmm…. iPhone 5X ? ) herald the return of “One more thing” at the next Apple keynote.

    • thebums66 says:

      If these photos are real, it looks like the fingerprint sensor is on hold with the larger display too.

      • Personally I hope so. Maybe it’s because I’m not in a position that requires such security but it would just be a wasted feature for me. It’s a lot like the 3DS. I can’t justify the price when I would just turn off one of its “biggest features”

  7. People always bark about display size. I have an iPhone 4S and I love its display size. If I bought iPhone 5 it would really be the biggest screen size acceptable for me. I always say, I don’t want to call with a door on my ear. I agree with statement ‘this will be the big year for iPhone’ :)

  8. yuniverse7 says:

    I’m disappointed in lack of larger display. But I’m also wondering if the leak is trustworthy. Why would 5S have iOS6 on it?

  9. i saw a guy using a huge samsung phone and my impression was it was just like seeing some one use one of those oversized calculators for the 80 and over crowd with the huge buttons . the phone did not give the user more usable desktop but rather blew up a bunch of graphics optimized for a smaller screen into a large fuzzy mess that no longer fit in a pocket. i want the new OS but i give apple credit for designing the form factor that everyone else copies and see no reason why apple should have to redesign a system from scratch just because everybody copies it now and it does not look innovative. did anybody try to make a rum and coke with the short lived new coke formula? just because everybody makes cola drinks should coke change flavor profile solely to stand out from the crowd? my cuba libre votes no ! samsung should be the one to really come out with something new on its own .Perhaps they could get blackberry to help them .

    • While I agree the Samsung Note and other “phablets” are ridiculous, the Moto X is 2.57″ x 5.09″ where the iPhone 5 is 2.31″ x 4.87″. That makes the Moto X only .26″ wider and .22″ taller while having a .7″ larger screen. This sized phone is not crazy huge or outlandish. I would gladly take less than a quarter of an inch larger for the change in screen size. The G2 has even slimmer bezels. It’s not that i don’t think the iPhone is a great phone (I’ve had one since day 1) I just feel like a company that cares so much about design is getting out designed.

  10. as someone who is switching to bifocals at a younger age, I would appreciate a larger screen and I am considering the moto x so I dont have to touch my phone at all when on the road. siri is dumb still. we shall see once ios7 gold is released.