From iTumes-movie-sale Apple is offering a rare sale on iTunes movie bundles yielding the lowest prices we’ve seen on digital downloads of 25 popular movie collections. Save even more by snagging a 20% off $60 iTunes gift card at ebay: $48. Bundles are available in SD/HD and start at $9.99 making a lot of these “buy one get two free” pricing (US Only). (Update: We’re hearing Apple is changing prices on many of these) Here’s the full list via:

Arthur 2 $9.99 Yes, you’re stuck with Russell Brand
Hangover 2 $9.99 Does not include 3
Mean Girls/Clueless 2 $9.99  
Sherlock Holmes 2 $9.99  
Titans 2 $9.99 No Denzel in these
Charlie’s Angels 2 $12.99  
Night at the Museum 2 $12.99  
Scarface/Casino 2 $12.99  
Taken 2 $12.99  
Alvin & The Chipmunks 3 $17.99  
Austin Powers 3 $17.99  
Blade 3 $17.99  
A Cinderella Story 3 $17.99  
Ice Age 3 $17.99  
Lord of the Rings 3 $17.99 Not extended editions
The Matrix 3 $17.99  
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 $17.99 The ones from the ’90s
Back to the Future 3 $19.99  
The Godfather 3 $19.99* Coppola restoration
Jurassic Park 3 $19.99  
Lethal Weapon 4 $19.99  
Spider-Man 3 $19.99  
X-Men 4 $24.99 Trilogy + Wolverine Origins
Bourne Collection 4 $29.99  
Underworld 4 $29.99  
Die Hard 5 $39.99  
Star Trek 10 $49.99 Includes I to X
Harry Potter 8 $59.99  

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 10.19.05 AM

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35 Responses to “Apple offering rare iTunes movie collection sale (starting $10): Die Hard, LOTR, Godfather, Matrix, X-Men, Harry Potter, more”

  1. How is this real?! EVERY HARRY POTTER FOR $10?!?!?!?! EVERY LORD OF THE RINGS FOR $10?!?!?!?

  2. Is it a US only sale? No sale in canadian store.

  3. Jerry Suppan says:

    Are these a ‘purchase’ per se, or are they rentals? Are they DRM-protected? Or, can I copy the data files to my PC to watch (or iPad for on the road)?

  4. This sale seems not to be available in Europe.

  5. can anyone confirm if these movies are in the cloud or not?

  6. Darla says:

    Any knowledge on how long this sale is on for?

  7. degraevesofie says:

    I suspect they made a mistake on Harry Potter: I just tried to buy the bundle, and got an error message more or less saying “Cannot buy this right now — This product is being modified — Try again later”.

  8. Apple just went and upped all of the prices…

  9. I followed the link provided and they’re still full price on the US iTunes Store that I see. Maybe it was an error and they’ve since corrected it?

  10. Hold on… All 8 Harry Potter films for $10? NO WAY! Is it real!?

  11. I can’t buy it :(

    It says
    Purchase of this item is not currently available.
    This item is being modified. Please try again later.

    Anyone has this?

  12. They just bumped Harry Potter to 59.99. The 9.99 must have been a mistake

  13. The Harry Potter collection shows “Purchase of this item is not currently available” “This item is being modified. Please try again later”

  14. This is weird because iTunes on iPhone says that Harry Potter Complete Collection is actually $59.99. This is getting interesting…

  15. It seems be a glitch. I could not purchase the $9.99 Harry Potter bundle from my Mac and when I checked from my iPhone the price for the same bundle was $59.99.

  16. Looks like there might have been some sort of glitch – the old prices are back. No more Harry Potter & LOTR for $9.99

  17. Jean H. Eid says:

    Both Harry potter and lord of the rings not available for download. item being corrected… did anyone get a chance to download them before apple stopped it?

    • Darla says:

      I purchased LOTR for $9.99 and the movies show up in the cloud… didn’t download them though and none of them play when I click them on my AppleTV or iTunes.

  18. I bought Harry Potter for $9.99 at 6 am central. Now it is $59.99. I am thinking it was a price mistake.

  19. Yep, I’m having the same problem as everyone one else. Was this a glitch or a two-hour sale?

  20. It’s back to 9.99 but getting the old editing error

  21. Do we get to keep the movies? Yes, or? I bought LOTR and Harry Potter for 9,99$ and they’re still in my account?

  22. Seems it’s over. Someone lost their job on this deal.

  23. Josh Taylor says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Potter and LOTR for $18 bucks! Good Tuesday! (Yes I bought early)

  24. Thank you so much for this heads-up today! I saved at least a couple hundred dollars! Although what I saved on movies I’ll probably be making up with a new, bigger hard drive!

    iTunes however has this really weird way of doing things to download the videos. If you check for purchases, you won’t see them. Go into the iTunes Store, click on the link for “iTunes in the Cloud”, and then you’ll see your purchases and can download them. Works same on OS X & iOS (and should on Windows as well).