Back in 2011, a group of consumers filed a lawsuit stating Apple’s App Store is a monopoly since it is the only software marketplace available for the iPhone. That suit has now been dismissed by the overseeing U.S. District Judge, according to Bloomberg. However, the dismissal was only due to the plaintiffs not being “in a legal position to bring the suit as they hadn’t bought the applications at issue in the case.” Furthermore, “the complaint can still be amended and refiled.”

The case itself is meant to demonstrate how the App Store, with its 30 percent fee paid by developers, should be considered an anti-trust issue since Apple does not allow for other application marketplaces to be installed:

Apple requires iPhone software developers to turn over 30 percent of what they charge for an application, increasing prices and excluding competitors from the iPhone “aftermarket” of applications, according to the suit.

A refiled case is expected shortly from the plaintiffs.

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2 Responses to “App Store monopoly case dismissed by judge, can still be refiled”

  1. robbiebone says:

    What absolute idiots. Adding a 3rd party App Store to the iphone would be against everything Apple stands for. Apple being in control ensures the best quality apps with no malware. If jobs was around I would think he’d rather stop selling iPhones and shut apple down rather than have a 3rd party App Store.


  2. It’s because Apple controls the ONLY app store enables Apple customers to have a more secure environment. Since switching my home computers (kids & wife) to Mac Mini’s my “At Home IT Work” is almost non-exsistant now. Since switching them to iPhones I have no headaches. Including new App Stores would now make me looking at “EVERYTHING” again… Just like when we were on Windows. No thanks. Keep it like it is.

    Wait… The app developers can make their apps for whichever marketplace they want. Why do ‘Consumers’ care if Google / Microsoft / Amazon can make more money from IOS by putting their App Stores on this platform? SOMETHING FISHY HERE?