A new version of iTunes 11 has been released today, fixing issues with iTunes in the Cloud.

This update corrects an issue with iTunes in the Cloud, where some purchases may download or play unexpected items.

This appears to fix the same issue that iOS 7 beta 6 fixed yesterday, although the iOS beta also required users to install a configuration and press a button in settings to completely flush out media on the device. For iTunes 11.0.5, the update does not require any additional configuration.

The iTunes 11.1 beta, which includes iTunes Radio and is only available to developers, has not received an updated beta yet, although it can only be expected as Apple runs through all of its iTunes-related software and fixes the iTunes in the Cloud bug.

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3 Responses to “iTunes 11.0.5 released, fixes iTunes in the Cloud issues”

  1. Rob Piercy says:

    Strangest glitch I’ve come across that this hopefully fixes: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. In the cloud, it plays back an instrumental version.


  2. iTunes Radio works on iPhone 4 if your running ios7 Beta 6


  3. This 11.0.5 update seems to have killed support for iPod Shuffle, 1st generation. Yesterday, I was fine. Today I updated iTunes. It no longer sees the iPod Shuffle. What’s with that? Apple’s not so subtle way of saying, “Dude, time to give us some more money and buy a new iPod” ??