So if Apple is really doing this Gold/Champagne iPhone 5S, it could look a lot like the above from Japanese magazine (via Nowhereelse/Sonny Dickson). Some additional photos from AppAdvice above.

Also from Sonny/BestTechInfo, “Every color of the iPhone 5C”, below. Note there is no black there. He says that isn’t happening…

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 9.22.10 AM

So disregard this:


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8 Responses to “Gold/Champagne iPhone 5S shell compared to white and black iPhones [Gallery]”

  1. I’m definitely going for the Gold/Champagne … seems luxurious, posh and unique. Hopefully it won’t be just exclusive 128GB, because that would be really expensive and over-priced. 64 or 32 Gold would be a perfect option. I do have iP5 Black/Slate and I’m willing to switch to Gold/Champagne.


  2. hellokitler says:

    Wow, love that video! The guy is clearly an expert at taking things out of boxes and removing packaging. He knows all the right terminology as well. Even has a fancy knife to help get the job done. Much respect!


  3. I’m skipping this iPhone gen (I got a white/silver iP5 last year), but if I was buying a new one, it would be a green or white 5C (although the gold/champagne 5S shade looks pretty interesting and stylish)


  4. I’ve had three black iPhones and was going to go for a white one this time around and now Apple throws a wrench into my decision making process.


  5. Best pics I’ve seen so far. So it’s more of a warm gray or a French gray rather than gold. Not that bad.


  6. Why are these videos always so bad? Here we have a long unboxing of the new components, but someone who clearly:

    – doesn’t even know how to open a freaking box! (seriously?)
    – doesn’t know how to properly handle a knife (violates all the basic rules of knife safety and handling)
    – doesn’t know how to properly set the video up (the colour is so far off it’s ridiculous)
    – doesn’t know how to edit a video (sound, editing, etc)

    why, why why? (facepalm)


  7. What’s really sad is that apple is pushing finger print recognition and a “new color” as the reasons for buying the 5s. Smh, I guess apple fanboys would be any piece of sh*t apple throws there way. Not to mention sticking with a dual core processor and the same lame 8MP camera, smh I guess I’ll be getting a Galaxy Note 3 come October