After first announcing its new iWork for iCloud productivity suite back in June at WWDC, Apple has been slowly rolling out access to more people ahead of a public beta release scheduled for this fall. It first extended the privilege to developers, then Apple employees, and in July started sending out invites to select non-developers. Today, several tips note that Apple now appears to be letting in anyone with an Apple ID despite not sending out invites or officially announcing a public beta. We’ve confirmed access to the beta on a non-developer account, but let us know in the comments if you’re unable to get in.

Following the unveiling of the new iWork for iCloud suite, we speculated that Apple could possibly move to make its other iWork suite of apps on iOS and Mac available for free. Our thinking: it’s hard to imagine Apple allowing users to create documents for free on iCloud but not seamlessly transfer from iOS to Mac without having to throw down $30 for the three iOS apps. Adding even more weight to that theory, Apple was briefly showing the apps listed alongside the collection of free Apple apps that it presents most users with when launching the App Store on their iOS device for the first time.

Apple previously announced it was planning on releasing a public beta for iWork for iCloud this fall but perhaps is opening the beta today to help beta test the apps among a larger group of users ahead of an official announcement. Apple is expected to unveil new iPhones at an event next month on Sept. 10, and there is a possibility we’ll hear more about iWork for iCloud alongside details for Mavericks and possibly the new Mac Pro.

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6 Responses to “Apple opens iWork for iCloud beta to all users ahead of expected public release this fall”

  1. I do confirm that’s available for my non Dev account :) They say that only English is available but until now, I’ve everything needed in my French mother tong :) PS. I’m from Belgium.


  2. I do have to say that it is by far the most elegant online office suite I’ve seen… But I just don’t trust iCloud its lost too many things of mine.


  3. connor_baer says:

    I can access it, too. I live in Germany and have a German Apple ID but I think it’s set to English.


  4. Now I can access the whole icloudbeta site. Is pretty good, i like the new design


  5. PMZanetti says:

    It is good, but just like the iOS Apps, I get warnings that my desktop-created projects are not fully compatible and that I should open a copy instead…and they aren’t kidding, not fully compatible at all.

    Love the idea of iWork in the Cloud, on the Mac, on iOS….same documents instantly in sync everywhere….

    …Except that they STILL to this day cannot be the same documents.


  6. Ginna Ma says:

    Can I access it from my iPad? If so, how? I went through app store and it’s not free.