$T2eC16VHJGQFFhp+l9UYBSEpu5PDvg~~60_57Update: This one is over. Don’t forget to follow on FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusEmail, RSS to get the latest deals as fast as possible.

Gift Card Mall via eBay is offering a $50 Apple iTunes Gift Card for $35 with free shipping/no tax/limit 4. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen for an iTunes card of this value ever.

Give the gift of one-stop entertainment. Each card includes a code redeemable for music, movies, TV shows, games, apps, and more on the iTunes Store, the iBookstore, the App Store, and the Mac App Store. Recipients can access their content on an iPod, iPad, or iPhone, and watch or listen on a computer – Mac or PC.

We all buy a lot of media through iTunes and App Stores. I easily spend $200/year. Now I just saved $60 easily.


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4 Responses to “$50 Apple iTunes Card for $35 shipped (Update: over)”

  1. Probably either stolen or faked using the cracked code.


  2. I have bought them for 50% off before. I do not buy them for less than 20% off.
    I presume they are a loss leader for the store selling them but as I often buy them online that that theory doesn’t always hold out.
    The developer still gets 70% of the value of the credit for the app purchase so Apple or the store selling the credit is making a loss.
    Not complaining though 8-)


  3. Alex Allegro says:

    After 36,000 sold, the deal is now over.