It seems that Apple’s beta release of iWork for iCloud has proven popular as some users are being denied access with a message stating that Apple has had an ‘overwhelming response’ to the service … 

Apple first announced the service at WWDC in June, and gradually rolled out access to developers, then Apple employees, then selected non-developers before opening it up to all. The official launch is expected in the fall.

Thanks, Alexandros

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2 Responses to “Apple limiting access to iWork for iCloud beta due to overwhelming response”

  1. Kevin Cullis says:

    I have written a 100K word book using Pages, I’ll never use iCloud because it can’t handle my file, at all.


    • macmaitre says:

      Well Kevin, most people out there do not write 100K words books in Pages or in anything else. On my blog entry in early July (http://macmaitre.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/iwork-pour-icloud-beta/), I had predicted that iWorks for iCloud would be a great success when accessible to the public as this post from 9to5 Mac shows.

      Whatever shortcomings you have encountered might be due to the fact that the apps are still in beta or that features that you need will eventually be made available. Unless you state the nature of the shortcoming, we can not help you, or anyone else, to solve the problem you are referring to Kevin.