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The unpopular Blackboard Mobile Learn app has been redesigned using feedback received from users. The application that can either be licensed by a school or purchased for $1.99 per year or $5.99 for life by the student has received terrible ratings over the years, but the new design looks much cleaner and, in a way, ready for iOS 7.

Blackboard is a learning management system used by schools of all sizes. The app allows students to check grades, receive push notifications when things are posted to the system, and attach files right from Dropbox. However, the additional cost to the student, slow interface, previous Wifi-only restriction, and other app policies and restrictions caused the app to receive low ratings and put the app and company in bad light.

Here’s the changelog for the new version:

What’s New in Version 4.0

Inspired by your feedback, we’ve completely redesigned the app. This update makes using the app and reading content easier than ever. Some of the sweet new features include:

-You can now “favorite” an area of a course for easy access later on
-More support for Rich Content Styles like Bold, Underline, Italics, and Hyperlinks
-New layout for Discussions that show you the history of each reply

Previously, the app seemed to focus on skeuomorphic metaphors rather than actual features and easy navigation.

Before and after comparison for Blackboard Mobile Learn.

Before and after comparison for Blackboard Mobile Learn.

The app is available in the App Store. If you use Blackboard, let us know what you think of the new design and whether or not it’ll convince you to use the app more often.

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3 Responses to “Controversial Blackboard Mobile Learn app updated with new design in time for fall semester”

  1. i like how it looks, but i kinda like the old design better. well see how it works as the semester goes by!


  2. I always loved the app because it notified me when new content was uploaded to each subject and integration with Dropbox made the process of downloading the file to all my devices a matter of two clicks. Otherwise, I would have to type my password everytime I’d want to check if there was new content. But this new design is wonderful, much better than the last. However, I’ve testing the app and no longer supports true windows within the app. I used it a lot to switch between content in the classroom. Now I guess I have to use IBooks and Documents to have two docs opened at the same time.


  3. Asking if we’re going to jse it more is kind of redundant, since we use it as required by the school..
    That being said, the new design is really refreshing, and espacially the new way it handles documents by showing them in full screen and keeping them there when you switch back and forth between apps, is essential.