As Apple’s September 10th iPhone event approaches, speculation is rising in terms of what Apple will announce.

It seems clear that Apple will launch a new iPhone 5S with a fingerprint scanner, a gold casing option, and an improved processor. It also seems likely that Apple will finally take the wraps off of a lower-cost, plastic iPhone model that comes in multiple colors.

Even with the somewhat unbelievable amount of part leaks surrounding this so-called “iPhone 5C,” speculation in the form of physical mockups and dummy units continues to mount. Tinhte has created a series of dummy units for the plastic iPhone. Notably, these models are built to represent a color palette that is different than the one that has leaked so far.

Tinhte seems to believe that the colors in the images below could represent the actual colors of the new iPhone model (save for the black version). Full gallery below:

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13 Responses to “Plastic iPhone dummy units show altered color palette including pink & yellowish-orange”

  1. monaarts says:

    These are going to sell like hotcakes!


  2. PMZanetti says:

    What is the point of this? Someone intentionally created an extensive mock set of casings of NOT the right colors? Newsworthy, for sure.


  3. huf (@huf) says:

    A lot of scuff’s, misaligned buttons and horrible paintjobs… i call fake…


  4. PMZanetti says:

    If there is a black model, I’ll be “upgrading” my 5 to a 5C instead of a 5S.

    I despise the design and physical construction of the 5/5S so much that I think I would give up the performance of the 5S for a phone I can actually hold and use like normal.

    The iPhone 5/5S design is just terrible, the worst iPhone design ever out of Apple. It is ergonomically a disaster, VERY uncomfortable to hold, and it is worse than carrying around an egg. The slightest scratch or ding exposes sharp RAW metal that makes the device impossible to hold comfortably (and it wasn’t all that nice to hold to begin with). A case becomes necessary at this point, turning what is supposed to be a sleek and slim phone into just another clunker.

    I have loved every iPhone, but the iPhone 5 is extremely flawed. I admonish Apple for not acknowledging this and making some changes before the 5S, but they won’t, because the 5 still sold (despite physical flaws), and they don’t have a financial incentive to make two new physical designs this year.

    The ironic part is, despite what delusional blog-whiners post about ‘plastic’, the iPhone 5C is the PERFECT iPhone design, IMO. Having owned every iPhone Apple has released since day 1, I think the 5C finally gets it right. A unibody poly shell, seamless, that wraps neatly around the device, and makes for an absolutely perfect device to hold in your hand comfortably….and the best part…..does not need a case.

    It will also be the thinnest iPhone you’ve ever used….as it doesn’t need a case, so it will actually be thinner to hold than an iPhone 5S with a necessary bumper or case attached.


    • Good points! I really hope this is a lower cost ($300? $200 maybe?) iPhone I won’t need a case for.


    • Sharp raw metal? You must have a death grip on that thing. Just get a cheap (or not cheap, whatever) bumper and call it a day. They don’t add that much bulk. Not saying that you don’t find it uncomfortable, but there are many people who have no problem with it. Calling it extremely flawed isn’t accurate. If the 5C is more your cup of tea, great. Heck, if it came in red I’d be tempted myself, but me likey fingerprint sensor.


  5. Any idea how much they could in india and release date


  6. Lol at people. These dummy models are fakes. Other dummy models are real. Truth is we don’t know apples final color choices yet


  7. irockapple says:

    I think these are much more accurate because they almost match perfectly to the colors of the iPod touch 5th gen.


  8. How fake are these? SUPER FAKE.


  9. Pink would be a good seller. Orange (albeit darker than the one in this photo) would be better than yellow.