A couple of big new games are landing today for Mac users. We told you about BioShock Infinite earlier this month, the third instalment in the popular 2K/Irrational Games series that originally launched in March to rave reviews on consoles. Mac gaming heavyweights Aspyr have been working on porting the game to Mac since its initial release, and today the game is finally going on sale through Aspyr’s GameAgent store and other retailers. Aspyr sent over a beta of the title last week, and we’ve had nothing but positive first impressions from our time with the game since. The other big Mac title launching today, SimCity, might have had some major issues in its beta, but we’re happy to report you won’t run into similar performance problems with BioShock Infinite.

As usual, the title will support SteamPlay, allowing users to purchase the game once and play on both PC and Mac through Steam. It’s also available on the Mac App Store. However, Aspyr’s own distribution service, GameAgent, is offering some pretty enticing pre-order bonuses if you pick up the title through them

Not only will pre-orders through GameAgent get you the “Columbia’s Finest DLC,” but Aspyr is also promising an extra 20% off the $59.99 price tag for GameAgent customers making $39.99. The “Clash in the Clouds” DLC will be available to purchase at launch, and plans are in place to support any additional DLC for the title following its release. System requirements, and everything else you need to know, are on the GameAgent blog here.


The latest SimCity title got off to a rough start when it first launched in March with developer Maxis offering refunds and free EA games to players disgruntled with server troubles and other teething troubles. Despite that and a few delays for the OS X port, EA announced today that preloading of the game is now available through the EA origin store ahead of the game’s official Mac release today at 10AM PDT.  Hopefully Maxis and EA have had enough time to get the Mac version of the game ready for today’s launch.

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7 Responses to “BioShock Infinite and SimCity arrive for Mac gamers starting today”

  1. Thanks for the post, Jordan. A few notes about BioShock Infinite: the game is actually $39.99 base now (reduced from $59.99); the 20% off coupon, which was visible only to GameAgent members (but has expired with the release of the game), would have saved users $8. That said, anyone can still purchase BioShock Infinite from GameAgent.com (users will receive a Steam code) and get the Columbia’s Finest DLC as a free bonus.


  2. Simcity, delayed, delayed and unplayable if your running osx 10.9. I know it’s in beta so what did i expect but surely a bit short sighted considering how close we are to a Mavericks release. Thoughts?


  3. I just looked on the Aspyr Store and did not see Sim City for the Mac, except a version that is not available any more. Ditto on the Mac App Store, no Sim City.


    • Aspyr didn’t do the new version of SimCity; it’s all EA/Maxis. Currently being sold via EA’s Origin service (though you can also buy Origin codes from Amazon and probably a few other online stores).

      Given its strong ties to the Origin service, it’s my guess that you won’t see it on the Mac App Store any time soon.


  4. I’m on the current OS release for Mac and mine still shows preloaded and not available until 8/29/2013 @ 11:01am… well… i’m 1hr 50min past that and still won’t load… what the heck!!


  5. I am sad to hear about OSX 10.9. I know beta and all…………

    I cannot blame or fault EA much on this one. Do we know if this is a Native App or is it a “wine” wrapper?


    • This actually native which is why it got delayed, however i have now tried simcity on a 10.8.4 install and its awful, limiting the resolution to 1920×1440 despite my iMac being 2560×1440 and its jittery even on low settings. This game runs fine in bootcamp but terribly on mac, terrible terrible work by EA once again. Maxis should have stayed independent.