We’ll be live-blogging Apple’s media event today below, and we’ll be providing text and photo updates from before, during, and after the show. Simultaneously, we’ll be holding a Google Hangout. You can read our expectations for the event, and check back for the start at 1 PM Eastern/ 10 AM Pacific. Live blog starts below:

– Tim Cook is out!


– Cook welcomes those watching the streams internationally.

– Cook moving into updates, talking about the iTunes Festival in London; 20 million people applied for the (free) tickets.

– Video playing about the 2013 iTunes Festival. Cook says Eddy Cue’s team created a suite of apps for iOS and Apple TV for people to live stream for free.


– Cook now discussing retail strategy, expansion internationally.

– Cook now talking iOS 7.

– Next month Cook will ship its 700 millionth iOS device, says Cook.


– Craig Federighi out for a demo of iOS 7 goodies.

– Talking Notification Center, Control Center, Lock Screen, Home screen, Spotlight, Multitasking, Siri… the usuals.

– New ringtones coming and system alert sounds coming in iOS 7.

– Federighi going over the camera enhancements in iOS 7.

– Federighi going over sharing and AirDrop.

– Federighi summarizing iTunes Radio (new streaming service built into the Music app)


– Apple showing off some new iOS 7 re-designs for third-party App Store apps.


– Tim Cook now talking iWork.

– iWork and iLife (iPhoto + iMovie) will now be free for iOS.

– On to iPhone.

– iPhone 5 to be replaced. Here comes the lower-cost iPhone…


– Phil Schiller is out. New iPhones: iPhone 5C first. 


– Colors: White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink. 



– Sold Rubber cases for iPhone 5C. 

– Wallpapers of 5C match the back plastic; “hard-coated polycarbonate”

– Specs: Same 4-inch Retina display as iPhone 5, A6 processor, same 8MP iPhone 5 camera.

– Improved FaceTime HD Camera. 

– LTE, Dual-Band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0.


– Pricing: $99 for 16GB, $199 for 32GB. Cases are $29 each. 

– Jony Ive talking about the design on video: speaking about manufacturing process, hard coating, the case that went into the feel of the device. The video is also discussing the new rubber cases.

– Federighi on the video talking FaceTime, LTE, camera, iOS 7, etc.

– Now onto the iPhone 5S. 


– Gold!

– New Space Gray!

– Dual-LED rear-flash.


– Fingerprint sensor on the Home button it seems.


– A7. 64 bit.


– Incredible CPU speed boosts.

– Infinity Blade 3 being demonstrated by Epic Games.


– M7 Motion co-processor. New “Nike+ Move” App to take advantage of it.

– Battery life: Same or better as iPhone 5.

– Schiller now talking cameras: New 5 element optical lens system. f2.2 Aperture.

– 15% larger active sensor area.

– Pixels are now 1.5 microns in size (larger pixels make better photos)


– New Flash and picture taking technologies.

– Auto image stabilization

– Burst mode, 10 frames per second.


– Slow-Mo mode! 120 frames per second at 720P.

– Panorama adjusts exposure as you pan the phone.

– Fingerprint time…


– Touch ID. 

– 500 PPI. In the home button. Sapphire crystal lens cover.


– Metal ring around button as a detector.


– Can be used for unlocking the phone and as a password replacement for iTunes/App Store purchases.

– Video now playing explaining the fingerprint sensor technologies.

– Fingerprint data is stored locally. Never uploaded to Apple servers or shared with other apps.

– 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399. Same pricing, same capacities.

– $39 leather cases in multiple colors. Product RED edition available.

– iPhone 4S sticks around for… free on contract.

– Pre orders for both new devices: September 13th. Release: September 20th. 


– New iPhones will launch in China on September 20th as well.

– Tim Cook is back.

– Showing new ads for the phones.

– Done. Elvis Costello Musical Performance.

Some pre-event fodder:

Place to watch in Berlin?

Swedish TV station is tipping everyone they will have event live (doubtful)

Some folks need to spoil the day

Leaked Tim Cook Preparing for today’s announcements


You’ve gotten iPhone 5S/5C press releases? We’ve already got cases coming in the mail….

And on Amazon!

Another funny:


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11 Responses to “Apple iPhone 2013 Event Liveblog, iPhone 5S and 5C on tap”

  1. It sucks we do not get live feed ( video) for this. It seems like Apple is the only one that wants to record it & show it off but no one else can.

    Anyways I will be checking on here & MobileSyrup for the updates!.


  2. Livefeed and liveblogs are absolutely wothless. Just wait a few hours and get the official Apple event video direct from their homepage. In great quality, without commentators speaking or hearing 3rd person references ad nauseum!


  3. whats up? the other blogs have it already starting with talks of iTunes festival and Cook on Stage


  4. This blog is garbage. Tim cook is out. That’s it? Good thing this isn’t the only blog


  5. 9to5mac experiencing technical difficulties? Engadget liveblog is already showing Craig Federighi talking about iOS7


  6. J Charlie says:

    Call me sensitive… but I didn’t think that was really funny :/ Regardless of whatever’s between Samsung and Apple, calling out Seoul specifically was not cool. Unless I’m missing something and that’s a reference to something else. I’m pretty sure if Apple said something like “Africa, start your photocopiers” there would have been outrage…if you get my point. Not that it’s a company known for its morals, but still… I wish the maker of the products I enjoy so much would be more careful.


    • Scott Buscemi says:

      1. They didn’t officially say it… it was a parody.
      2. It’s a reference to “Redmond Start Your Photocopiers.” Nothing to be sensitive about.


  7. imaxuout says:

    look at the end of the second paragraph on this web page which by the is from 09/24/2012:


  8. Are we certain this is correct for BOTH? “- Pre orders for both new devices: September 13th. Release: September 20th. “