Apple has just announced that setting up any new iOS device will ship with free copies of iWork, iPhoto, and iMovie for iOS. The 3 iWork apps including Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, in addition to the two iLife apps– iPhoto and iMovie– will be available for free to users purchasing a new device. During the setup process, users will be prompted to download the five Apple apps for free. Apple will be making the apps available to all iOS 7 compatible devices purchased after September 1st.

Prior to today’s announcement, we suggested that Apple could make the apps available for free after announcing its new iWork for iCloud web apps.

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24 Responses to “Apple makes iWork apps, iPhoto, and iMovie free with all new iOS devices”

  1. What about already owners of iDevices? Will we get the apps for free too when we update to iOS 7?


  2. New as a 2013 device or will a store new ipad2 or other 2012 device unlock the apps?


  3. So, the real question here is if I restore and set it up as new, can I get these too? I bet so :)


  4. What about buying a 5s getting the free apps; will it unlock it in iCloud for my older devices, So does it give me the download option to seem as if I already paid for it? I would assume so.


  5. I bought my iPad 4th gen on September 4th… Still see them for 9.99 in the AppStore. Anybody been able to download them for free yet?


  6. What about when I gave back my iPhone to apple care and they exchange it for a new one after September 1st?


    • Kim Bohn says:

      In Denmark, I have just got a new IPhone 4 back, after turning the old one in for repair. Today i took a look at AppStore on the new device! Now I have the Apple app’s for free, also on my older iPad (“The New iPad”).


  7. Wait, so folks with older devices still have to buy them? Totally LAME!


    • Hayden Jones says:

      It’s a marketing thing. It’s like the “buy one, get one free” idea. You buy a new device, you get free stuff. Free stuff is always good. But it does suck when you can’t afford new things.


  8. When I restored from new an iPhone 5 the was purchased last year, I was prompted to download the Apple apps for free.


  9. I bought new Mini 2 weeks ago and the apps became free in the App Store the day after the announcement. BUT iLife requires I register it, and I cannot find any information on how to do that. It seems to be looking for a registration number. Help?