AnandTech dug into the FCC filings for the new iPhones to reveal that the iPhone 5s battery offers approximately 10 percent more capacity than its predecessor, while the 5c battery offers a more modest 5 percent gain. That’s a different size battery (5.96Wh vs 5.92Wh) than we’d seen in supposed 5s prototypes … 


Actual battery-life for the iPhone 5s will be interesting to see. The beefier A7 CPU will consume more power, while the M7 coprocessor that handles some of the background tasks should reduce battery consumption. How the two balance out is not yet known, though Apple did promise better battery-life than the iPhone 5.

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7 Responses to “iPhone 5s battery capacity 10 percent up on iPhone 5, 5c up 5 percent”

  1. I am really curious how efficient A7 can be.


    • standardpull says:

      Like all modern CPUs, the A7 will be able to go into low power mode and turn off unused capabilities. The magic of power use these days really comes down to operating system, as the radio and CPU chipsets are all very efficient – it’s just how they’re used that makes a difference.

      Ultimately, it’s the radios. Use them a lot and you use battery a lot.


    • PMZanetti says:

      Like Steve Jobs said, “Our chips use hardly no power”

      The display and the radios eat the battery. Not the chip.


  2. ifunography says:

    Is anyone able to explain why browsing time on 3G is lower than browsing time on LTE? I thought LTE was supposed to be a larger drain on the battery than 3G…?

    Source: http://www.apple.com/iphone/compare/


  3. Still seems pretty small IMO. I am not asking for a 3000 mAh battery but at least 2000 or something like that. I hate when i have to always bring my charger with me where ever i go. Also using those cases with batteries built in, are heavy / bulky & have a high price. ( even tho i can get one, makes the device look huge).

    hoping this battery on the 5S give a bit more time.


  4. “The beefier A7 CPU will consume more power”

    You’re completely ignoring that there was a die shrink involved, which means it can use less power to do the same amount of work as the A6.