Apple parody videos are nothing new, but they often highlight how normal consumers look at new product launches and in many cases beyond upgraded internals to more superficial features like hardware design. Apple’s new colourful iPhone 5c lineup seems to be getting somewhat overshadowed by the new gold color option for the iPhone 5s, but its new iPhone 5c cases are also receiving a less than great response, mostly due to their appearance to crocs and lack of attention to detail. Head below to check out some of the other parody videos that have hit the web since Apple’s new iPhone announcements. 

Conan’s take on the new gold iPhone:

Jimmy Kimmel proves that many people have no idea about Apple’s new iPhones (or its current lineup for that matter):

iPhone 5s parody from the Matthias YouTube Channel:

And a few others from YouTube:

There is a lot of upgraded internals in the new 5s to be excited about– A7 chip, new M7 motion processor, fingerprint scanner, improved camera system– but it’s not that surprising that the normals will likely be focusing on the shiny new gold color option. Our own Ben Lovejoy is sticking with his iPhone 4S, but are Apple’s upgraded iPhones enough for you to make the upgrade?

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12 Responses to “iPhone 5s/5c launch lots of parodies but who will be laughing last?”

  1. I laugh how stupid people create those :D


  2. The first one is weak


  3. drtyrell969 says:

    The Parodies. They’ll be laughing last. Apple is DONE.


  4. The new iPhone will be spectacular as usual and will sell in droves, and as usual all the ‘me too’ smartphone manufacturers are lining up to point out how the screen is not 6 inches or it should have medium-format megapixel camera spec or does not make the average person less of a dumbass. I am glad that Apple rarely rises to the bait. Confidence in what you bring to the plate means you can spend less time worrying about others.

    And can everyone please stop droning on about how bad Tim Cook is as CEO? IMO, he has done a brilliant job in the thankless task of following in the footsteps of a legend. Can somebody seriously name ONE person who could step in at this point and do a better job without screwing around with the sacrosanct core nature of the company?

    Thanks. Good to get that off my chest.


    • Tim Cook is a washout and the crew is showing how incapable they are in running the ship. Now we can see why Steve was always on their A***. Worst presentation and upgrade ever (Insulting to it’s loyal customers and embarrassing) and sad to see how low the company has sunk. There’s gonna be a lot of people jumping ship over to better shores. Thanks. Good to get that off my chest.


      • Jim Phong says:

        The little issue here is that there is no better shores to jump to.
        Google Android is a huge mess and a farce. Cheap quality products, no real support, viruses, too many stores, no real standard.
        Microsoft WindowsPhone8.x,SurfaceRT,SurfacePro are a pathetic silly joke with their atrocious Metro/ModernUI (too bad the idiot Tim Cook and his gang copied the childish Metro for iOS7…)
        Blackberry is dead.


  5. The 5C and it’s colors / croc like cases deserves the criticism…but the price point is so good that really, who cares. The 5S is awesome.


  6. Ronnie Sd says:

    Apple will be laughing last, of course. Others attempt parody to put down Apple when they don’t have products as good as Apple’s to boast about. It’s always been that way. Just remember the parodies about the iPad after it was announced yet see how well it’s done.


  7. Looks like Putin’s own special iPhone 5C..


  8. Michael Gill says:

    Oh the Jimmy Kimmel stuff was funny. I can’t believe people are so easily fooled. Wow. Well I guess in a world of phablets an iPad mini can past for a phone.