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Radio Shack will begin offering pre-orders for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5c tomorrow in its chain of retail stores. The pre-ordering will begin at the time of store opening. The company will be offering every available color (red, blue, pink, green, and yellow). Additionally, each color will be available on Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and AT&T.

At 12:01 Pacific Time on Friday morning, Apple will open up its pre-orders on its online store. The iPhone 5c will officially go on sale on Friday, September 20th. Also on September 20th, Apple will be launching its iPhone 5s, but that higher-end device will not be available for pre-order through Apple or Apple’s other retail channels.

Earlier today, we noted that Walmart will be also offering pre-orders for the iPhone 5c. Walmart will be offering significant savings on the devices.

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3 Responses to “Radio Shack stores will also start taking iPhone 5c pre-orders tomorrow”

  1. Have been Apple fan and iPhone fan for years and I buy my phones without contract always, but the price for the new iPhone 5c and 5s is too much.
    Sorry to tell this, but this is not a cheap iPhone 5c. :(
    Considering to switch to android.


    • ifunography says:

      Everyone’s still going on about a cheap iPhone. Tim Cook did say repeatedly in interviews that Apple will not be doing a “cheap” iPhone, and explained Apple’s usual strategy for providing iPhones at lower price points.

      While the 5c does break away from tradition to some extent, you should blame the rumor mill and analysts for all expectations of the elusive “cheap” iPhone.


      • Evan Moore says:

        Plastic phones have the stigma of feeling cheap, this is why it’s easy to assume the price would be “cheaper” not that the build would be cheaper. What rumor mill needs to understand is if Apple made a 16GB iPhone out of wood, it would still cost $549 without a contract.