Walmart has announced that it will be offering both of the new iPhone models in their 16Gb versions, the 5c at $79 (a $20 saving) and the 5s at $189 (a $10 savings). Walmart offers the phones on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

What’s interesting here is that Apple Stores usually do price matching so it might be worth a try after waiting on line on launch day. Best Buy will also price match often, so this could trigger markdowns all over … 

$20 is a significant reduction (20% off) for a launch and unprecedented in Apple’s iPhone launch history. Walmart will undoubtedly run out of stock quickly.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 9.00.32 AM

Pre-orders for the 5c start tomorrow, with pickup available from 20th September. Apple is not making the iPhone 5s available on pre-order, however, so you’ll need to wait until the 20th to order yours.

While the original iPhone 5 is still showing up online at $98, we’re hearing that it is – or soon will be – available in-store for $79: the same price as the 5c. That provides a choice of what is essentially the same phone in two different casings. The 4s price is also said to be coming down from $39 to 99 cents.

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17 Responses to “Walmart iPhone pre-orders start tomorrow, 5c at $79, 5s at $189”

  1. This is bad for Apple. The iPhone sells, at least in part, on being a premiere product. Discounting it at Walmart is not a good thing for the company. Apple has always been like Bose or Tesla, allowing Walmart to discount the product makes them more like Microsoft or Samsung.


  2. bergertwit says:

    so what time do preorders start, and do they ship to home, or is it pickup only ?


  3. Ali Mnm says:

    Is 5s unlocked factory with Verizon?


  4. Any word if the pre-orders start @ 12:00 AM midnight??


  5. Brent Cairns says:

    I wonder it you can go at midnight to walmart on the 20th to pick up the 5s


    • Andy Sanders says:

      I am wondering the same.


    • Brent, I checked availability last night (before 12:01AM) at three stores and NONE of them had any stock in the 5S. I also asked when they expected some and answers very varied, one store said they would start selling them on Saturday. The Wal-Mart web site (and Sam’s Club) did not even have the 5S shown on either site… it seems they are way off the mark on launching their sales campaign -or- someone is asleep at the wheel… go figure, bc they were taunting themselves as sales leaders of this product by offering it at a discount, but WTH is going on that they don’t even show it on their web site??? Good Luck, Keith from VA.


  6. Walmart isn’t taking 5s preorders, are they??


    • bergertwit says:

      Alan, if you read the article, the comments, the link, and looked at the picture up top, you wouldn’t have asked that question.

      short answer: yes they are.


      • @bergertwit are you sure about that? Another article on 9to5 says

        “At 12:01 Pacific Time on Friday morning, Apple will open up its pre-orders on its online store. The iPhone 5c will officially go on sale on Friday, September 20th. Also on September 20th, Apple will be launching its iPhone 5s, but that higher-end device will not be available for pre-order through Apple or Apple’s other retail channels.

        Earlier today, we noted that Walmart will be also offering pre-orders for the iPhone 5c. Walmart will be offering significant savings on the devices.”


      • bergertwit says:

        conflicting reports. some sites are saying preorders for 5C ONLY, some are saying 5C and 5S.


      • well now, dont you look like a d*ck? if it was that clear i wouldnt have asked the question. anyone with some solid, respectful, and educated answers, please let me know. i figured maybe walmart was taking “in house” preorders for their allotted stock of 5s’s that they will receive on the 20th.


    • All credible reports (AFAIK) indicate that, no, the iPhone 5s will NOT be available for preorder.

      I wonder if they will have a supply shortage. It could conceivably turn out to be quite difficult to purchase one of these for the first month or so. Especially if there is a delay, as some have reported, in manufacturing the fingerprint sensors in particular…we shall see.