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Update: Apple appears to have changed shipping times once again since we originally posted this article. The blue and green unlocked 16GB models are now listed as shipping by September 25 alongside the white, pink & yellow models.

Update 2: Now including 32GB models, all unlocked, non-T-Mobile iPhone 5c units shipping Sep. 25.

After opening up preorders for the iPhone 5c through its online stores and a number of carrier and retail partners three days ago, Apple is beginning to sell out of several models and continuing to push back shipping times.

We reported last week that the unlocked 16GB version of the yellow iPhone 5c was the first to sellout with shipping times slipping to September 25, and all models of the new colourful iPhone were shipping in 1-2 weeks through Apple’s Hong Kong website. Today shipping times on several models in the U.S. have slipped from the expected Sept 20 release date to as late as October 4th.

The pink 16GB unlocked iPhone 5c is now listed as shipping by September 25th (same as yellow), while the blue and green 16GB unlocked iPhone 5c are shipping by October 4th.

Shipping times on Apple’s China website have also slipped one day to “no later than September 21.”

Apple is yet to make an announcement for preorder numbers like it has done with iPhone launches in the past, but this morning Bloomberg reported that China Unicom has passed 100,000 units through online reservations.

All other models of the device in Apple’s initial launch countries are still listed as available by the expected September 20 release date, with the exception of a September 24 shipping date listed on Apple’s website in Canada. The iPhone 5c is currently available to preorder in the iPhone 5c in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, and Singapore.

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8 Responses to “iPhone 5c shipping times slip to October 4 for some models”

  1. Neal Douglas says:

    “The red 16GB unlocked iPhone 5c…”

    Apple does not make a red iPhone 5c. The color is PINK. It says so on their web site, they said it in the keynote, and you can tell just by looking that it isn’t red!


    • For all of those that don’t know anything about color theory—pink is a subset of red. In fact, with the exception of the device in the videos, I wouldn’t call them pink, despite Apple’s naming convention. I’ll have to see them in person to see whether that is true. You want specificity, here you go:

      Coral Red
      Sunlight Yellow
      Pistachio Green
      Cerulean Blue
      Bright White

      Of course, maybe I’m just being pretentious.


  2. Apple is DOOMED! The 5c will be flop, man! /sarcasm


  3. J.latham says:

    By “Red” 5c do you mean the “Pink” 5c?


  4. Looks like all unlocked, sim-free models as well as some T-Mobile ones are begging to run out of launch day inventory:

    more and more a slipping to 9/25. Interesting that is was the un-subsidized versions that went first.


  5. ifunography says:

    I’m quite surprised it’s the unlocked models that are selling out first in the U.S. Changing tides? Are less people inclined to sign on to 2-year contracts these days?


  6. Tommy Lee says:

    This article is very misleading. It implies that the iPhone 5c is selling out and having a successful launch. Every single iphone 5c is available for launch date if ordered by through a carrier. This has not been typical of apple at all in the past. I love apple and would consider myself a fanboy, I have an iphone, ipad, and imac but the launch of this generations of iphone is not only stupid, but disrespectful to us loyal apple fans. I hope this launch fails in terms of sales so Apple gets a hint.