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According to France-based MacGeneration, which has offered both accurate and inaccurate information in the past, Apple’s next media event will be held on Tuesday, October 15th. Apple is expected to debut a series of new products by the end of this year, including multiple new iPad models, several new Macs, OS X Mavericks, and perhaps an update to Apple TV hardware.

Today’s report also claims that iMac stock is constrained, something we reported earlier this month. An October event following a September event would not be unprecedented. Last year, Apple debuted the iPhone 5 and new iPods in September, and then it launched new Macs, a new full-sized iPad, and the first-generation iPad mini in late October.

We’re expecting OS X Mavericks to hit the App Store toward the end of October. Besides the iMac, the MacBook Pro and Mac mini are both due for Intel Haswell-infused refreshes. We’re also expecting Apple to introduce at least two new iPads, including a redesigned full-sized model and an iPad mini with a Retina display.

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20 Responses to “Rumeur: Apple’s next event to be held on October 15th?”

  1. bcjc78 says:

    Part of me hopes all these updates aren’t try because of all the upgrading I will be doing. Definitely want the new iPad 5 to be 20-25% lighter. I know it’s asking a lot but if you handle a kindle it feels so much easier to hold for extended periods of timeand before you tell me they are totally different I understand there is a lot more hardware in an iPad I just want a full sized iPad to be as light as possible.


  2. “rumeur”?! in the headline?


  3. hopefully with a new iPad mini :)


  4. Frdrc Gl says:

    nobody talking about ipods anymore?


    • iPod sales are dwindling. Ever since the proliferation of the smartphone, people don’t need a separate music player. On top of the smartphones, iPads and iPad Minis are light enough to carry around in bag. If we were going to see an update on the iPod front, they’ll apply the same strategy they used on the iPhone 5c. (Plastic housing/Lower Price) I only see them having the one cheaper line up of products, no ‘iPhone 5s’ level iPod. They may add some new features, or a variant of iOS 7 to their line-up, to help convince consumers to pick up a iPod. In terms of how much, they’ll cut prices – I’d like to see: Shuffle $29, Nano $99, Touch 16gb $129, 32gb $199, 64gb $279, Classic $149. This could renew interest in iPods. I think they have to decrease price, rather than add more functionality, because the Touches are already so similar to the iPhone – it loses appeal.


      • I think that they should update iPod Touch’s CPU to maybe the A6, so it won’t be running 2 generations behind the iPhone 5S on that aspect. Otherwise, I don’t think there’ll be any major upgrades made to iPods. (But I do agree on the price cuts!)


  5. This confirms the date Techmaniacs said for the release of the new iPads, as they say they will be on market at 25 Oct. They were confirmed about the iPhone release date (!

    They now have infos for iPhone 6… They have proved their credibility twice!


  6. Faked Book says:

    Mac Pro and new iPads..


  7. Will they increase the RAM memory (>16gb) for MBP?


  8. Steven X Ho says:

    I just buy my iMac last week so should i return and wait for the next one?