For the rest of September, MacUpdate has a solid $49.99 9 app bundle on its hands. All of the bundled titles represent the newest releases and will be compatible with the upcoming OS X 10.9 Mavericks release.  ($50 too much? ‘Name your own price’ for this bundle). The $49.99 bundle includes:

1. ScreenFlow 4 – $99.99 – The best way to record screencasts on a Mac.
2. TechTool Pro 7 – $99.99 – The latest version of the powerful system utility.
3. Civilization V: Gold Edition – $49.99 – Best-selling strategy game, packed with extra content
4. PDFpen 6 – $59.95 – The all-purpose, easy-to-use PDF editor.
5. Snapheal Pro – $39.99 – The easiest way to remove objects and enhance your photos.
6. DeltaWalker – $39.95 – Compare and merge files and folders.
7. Vitamin-R 2 – $29.99 – Boost your productivity by enhancing your on-task focus.
8. Choco 2 – $29.99 – Design gorgeous photo collages with ease.
9. Aurora 5 – $14.95 – The most versatile alarm clock for your Mac.

In addition, bundle buyers can save more with these optional upgrades:

1. Civilization V: Brave New World – $19.99, save 33% – The just-released expansion pack.
2. PDFpenPro 6 – $19.99, save 50% – Add powerful new features to PDFpen.
3. DeltaWalker Oro Edition – $9.99, save 70% – Compare 3 files or folders at a time instead of just 2.

Pricing and Availability: MacUpdate’s Spring 2013 Bundle is available now for $49.99 (USD) exclusively at through October 2, 2013.

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3 Responses to “$50 MacUpdate Bundle: Snapheal Pro, Civ V Gold, PDF Pen 6, TechTool Pro 7, ScreenFlow, more”

  1. I was excited when I saw this offer here in your site, but it is a double catch.
    Macupdate wrote in a fussy form, it looks like you are saving $414, when in fact you are saving just $49. It is a $464 pack discounted $49.99 making a total of $414, and not $49 for the whole pack.

    I think 9to5Mac should recheck it before people are mislead.


  2. I’m sorry I was wrong. It is $49 for the bundle. I just bought it.


  3. dailytut says:

    Macupdate is always my favorite website to get excellent deals. But recently they are not coming up with some much useful, demanding mac apps in their deals. looking forward to such collection of apps soon.