The American Customer Satisfaction Index saw Apple take the top spot in the personal computers category for the 10th year running, with its score of 87 a full eight points higher than the industry average. Apple, which scored one point higher than last year, has topped the ranking since 2004.

The ACSI includes tablets in its ‘PC’ category, so the scores reflect both Mac and iPad. Factors feeding into the scores include customer expectations pre-sale, perceived quality, perceived value, customer complaint incidents and customer loyalty.

The iPhone took the top slot in the JD Power customer satisfaction survey for the ninth consecutive time back in March, and both iPhone and iPad even managed to beat Samsung on its home turf of South Korea.

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3 Responses to “A decade at the top: Apple tops PC customer satisfaction ratings for the 10th year running”

  1. tool022611 says:

    This isn’t that surprising, with iOS and macs user interface and high quality of devices it’s a no brainer. With apps for mac becoming better and apps that can the same as office and other apps alike. And now apples push to offer full windows OS via parallels right out of the box, they will start taking more of the PC sales. I think the pricing isn’t as big of a deal anymore as companies like Asus making laptops that cost the same or more than MacBooks. If you’re not a tech person and walk into a store for a laptop to find you can get one with both OS X and windows with apples high quality in design and material, I think you’re walking out with Apple.


  2. gksuper says:

    “The iPhone took the top slot in the JD Power customer satisfaction survey for the 9th straight year back in March” – 9th straight year you say?