Belkin has just introduced a new YourType Wireless Keypad made to match your Mac that adds 28 keys to your setup and connects over Bluetooth. There are other options around, like turning your iPhone into a numpad using an app or using Mobee’s $23 overlay for Apple Magic Pad. But for physical keys and a design clearly made to look a lot like Apple’s own Magic Trackpad and fit in with your aluminum Mac, you can pick up the YourType Wireless Keypad for Mac from Belkin’s website now for $59.

  • Wireless keypad connects to iMac, Mac Pro, or MacBook via Bluetooth
  • Adds 28 keys, including function and document navigation controls
  • Aluminum enclosure matches Apple Wireless Keyboard
  • Low-profile, island-style keys
  • Includes two AA batteries

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5 Responses to “Belkin announces YourType Wireless Keypad to extend your Mac’s keyboard”

  1. $34.95 better deal

    Belkin looks more like an Apple device but is that worth $15 more dollars? It’s up to the buyer.


  2. Josh Koterba says:

    $59? Are they serious with that price point? That’s insane.


  3. 311sie says:

    Almost as much as the kb itself, wtf Belkin!?!?


  4. Are there two versions – regular and mirror image?


  5. I think Cropmark’s LMP Bluetooth numeric keypad is a better choice. Besides also adding a pair of full size arrow keys, it provides a means to link physically with an Apple Wireless Keyboard and a push-through power button when linked.