Gene Munster’s clients probably wonder why they lost their shirts shorting AAPL this week. He told them to expect a 5M opening weekend which would have knocked the stock back. Instead, Apple reported 9M units sold and the stock skyrocketed.

In a somewhat unrelated note, we’re hearing that it will take some folks up to 45 business days to get certain models of iPhone 5s which is actually starting to bump up against the holidays.

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10 Responses to “Gene Munster blames channel fill for missing Apple’s iPhone number by 4M units”

  1. RP says:

    Aww, the perpetually wrong Gene Munster.
    One of these days Apple will actually ship the television he promises will debut each and every year, making one of his prediction eventually come true.


  2. rsbell says:

    Piper Jaffray, let’s make a deal: You pay me half of what you pay Munster, and I’ll be wrong half as often.



  3. PMZanetti says:

    It’s called: He doesn’t know shit.


  4. 311sie says:

    And in related news, Gene Munster is a really, really, really bad analyst.


  5. Tao Jones says:

    no man is a prophet in his own town, too bad for gene the town is virtual and covers the whole planet! the trouble with keeping score in the prophet business is you can be a little right or a little wrong and percentages don’t tell the story well. if your right on the colors, the size, the fingerprint thingie,and missed the number of sales does 3 out of 4 make you a winner? my phone (grey 5s ordered friday morning) is scheduled to be in my hands at 8pm tomorrow . its already on the Fedex truck. so Gene lets re check the delivery date and short supply thingie (as a jeweler i can tell you its no more work to anodize an aluminum case gold silver or grey its just a matter of the bath sequence so golds are o the way i am sure )


  6. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    For quite a while everyone thought Gene Munster was an Apple cheerleader but he eventually turned out to be just another greedy analyst probably paid off by the hedge funds to manipulate Apple’s stock. Analysts like Munster are nothing but used-car salesmen. These people have no conscience or morality whatsoever and are motivated by nothing but greed. I remember way back when Munster kept claiming there would be an iPhone Mini and so far it’s never become reality. Now no one seems to want a mini-phone of any type. Just BIG, BIGGER and BIGGEST.




  8. At least he was half right? But he really gave a number that was almost promised to be reached, so I guess it was a no brainer