Exaggerated larger iPad mockup

Apple is moving forward with a larger version of its iPad tablet and it is working with Quanta Computer for manufacturing, according to United Daily News (via Macotakara). UDN does not have a substantial record in Apple reporting, but it is one of Taiwan’s most prominent newspapers. Today’s report refers to the larger iPad design as featuring a 12-inch display, though recent rumors have pegged the screen-size as closer to 13-inches…

Rumors of a larger iPad began earlier this year, but they picked up steam in July with several reports corroborating that Apple is testing a larger iPad design. Interestingly, early iPad prototypes carried a screen size of roughly 13-inch diagonally.

It is currently unclear if the larger iPad would come with functionality over the current iPad with 9.7-inch display and iPad mini with 7.9-inch display, or if it will simply be a stretched out iPad. Of course, with more screen size to spare, developers will likely be able to make apps unimaginable on the current iPad screen sizes. Also unclear is when the larger iPad will launch, but with testing and manufacturing talks seemingly on-going for the last six months, perhaps the product could launch within the next couple of years.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that 2014 would be a big product year for Apple, so perhaps that will amount to this larger iPad launching next year. Speaking of larger screens, it is widely assumed that Apple will adopt a larger display panel for its next round of iPhones.

Apple’s rumored choice to go with Quanta Computer for new iPad production is an interesting one. With all of the iPad models to date, Apple has focused mainly on production with Foxconn and Pegatron. However, diversifying its suppliers could make Apple’s supply chain even stronger and allow for more iPads to be built without sacrificing the production-power going into the already-exisitng iPad models.

Apple has manufactured several Mac lines with Quanta, including iMacs and MacBook Pros. 

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18 Responses to “Apple claimed to be working with Quanta Computer to build larger iPad”

  1. 311sie says:

    Please let this just be a rumor… please let this just be a rumor…


    • Please let this be true… please let this be true.


      • But why do you want a larger iPad? The current one is already big enough, and if it gets any bigger, it loses the mobility. Also, it will just make Apple like Samsung, which is not welcome at all. Oh well, we will know what Apple is planning next year I guess.


      • Gareth Wall says:

        @Jerryponmac Ios7 copies the same Android look on the Samsung S3 and S4….

        since Mr.Jobs passed (RIP) APPLE just cannot compete anymore… Iphone 4 being the same as Iphone 5… S3 and S4 have massive gaps on technology from raw power to awesome features….

        What did apple do? “Hey guys we have made the screen 2″ Larger! Pay us $1000 and Enjoy..”


  2. Mark Ollis says:

    Oh it would be cool if this thing ran OSX…


  3. Apple is a master at creating successful ecosystems. Perhaps this isn’t an iPad and more of a touch-based Mac product running a highbred of iOS and Mac OS X. I think if any company can pull off a desktop-like touch based device it’s Apple. Microsoft clearly can’t rub two surfaces together to spark a fire, but Apple could probably make it work. I don’t see why the iPad would get any bigger when they’re just about the slim it down so it’s not so cumbersome.


  4. Apps that can take advantage of more area are about screen resolution, not necessarily screen size. If you give us a 25 inch screen at 640×480 we are not going to be able to bring you very impressive applications at that resolution.


    • smigit says:

      Screen size is arguably as important as the resolution. While a 640×480 25″ display has the issues you noted, a 4k 4″ display wouldn’t necessarily give you any advantage over a much lower resolution display because you then become limited by how small you can make UI elements before a user can no longer interact with them with any degree of reliability.

      Even if they don’t bump the resolution, a 13″ display would allow you to have more usable UI elements on the screen.


      • I think iOS will feel a little fragmented if Apple were to introduce another screen size. An iPad mini shouldn’t run the same software as a much larger device like a 13+ inch ‘iPad.’ There’s a disconnect because any space you gain with a larger display is trumped by having to offer the same app on a smaller display. iOS will begin to feel cheap if they stretch it out past the 10 inch display size. There’s already a ton of wasted space in iPad apps that haven’t fully realized the 9.7-inch display. 13 inches is portable computer size – how terrible would a 13-inch iPad look beside a 13-inch MacBook Air, or Pro? The MacBook Air is an incredibly thin product already, removing the hinge element and making one full-sized tablet computer running desktop-like software makes sense. It opens up an entire new market for apps, and an entire new App Store. An oversized iPad just doesn’t make sense.


  5. Bob Borries says:

    I’de love to have more keys on my piano, more canvas for my masterpiece and more pages for Pages app.


  6. milk199 says:

    I hope that the larger ipad will just be a touchscreen mac. The most challenging parts will probably be making it easy to use, powerful, and as comfortable as a laptop.


  7. Andy Brooks says:

    sounds like a dumb idea


  8. This larger iPad will be used for textbooks.


  9. Of course Apple could also be going with Quanta over this one as so many pictures & rumours of the upcoming 5c & 5s slipped out of Foxconn & Pegatron…

    Apple prefer to release their products themselves when they’re ready, not have some third-party company ‘steal the thunder’


  10. Hopefully Apple will release a “Big” (a 13″ device is still totally portable, as the Air proves) tablet soon, and base it on iOs. Not making their OsX machines touch screen, and keeping their two OS clearly separate interface wise (they share a lot underneath) means that you don’t end up with compromised apps, that aren’t well optimised for touch, on touch screen devices.


  11. One benefit of a larger screened ipad would be to use it as a second monitor. an especially mobile second monitor that you can take with you and your laptop on the road.

    I’m predicting that’s the primary reason for it because they have built into OS X all those features concerning external monitors.


  12. Stan Smith says:

    That’s all apple does these days…make their sh*t bigger.


  13. If Apple is what they used to be for the last 15 years, then it will not be an “iPad” but rather a touch-screen Mac.

    Perhaps this will be the next-generation MacBook Air.

    With their current direction, I have my doubts in their ability to pull this properly as lately I have been getting the vibe that they have been moving away from their core values of focus due to releasing rather useless SKUs; iPad Mini, iPhone 6 Plus along with the new entry-level iMac and the Mac Mini. In addition the Apple Watch is rather a polished catch-up of a glorified yet useless device category aka companion-type devices rather than a standalone next-generation smart device.

    The continuity framework, although limited is the best stepping stone in building such a hybrid device with the appropriate experience (A crucial step that Microsoft skipped which led to the abomination that is the surface series).

    The OSX and iOS developers need the time to work on this new hybrid OS. Considering how Apple does treat its software development process, we will probably see this machine get announced in June and get released in late October.