This morning, Apple has sent an over-the-air update to the Apple TV to add two new apps of content: Major League Soccer (MLS) and Disney Junior. The MLS app allows Apple TV users to watch soccer games live, and Disney Junior includes several shows oriented toward young children.

The new soccer app will surely be a big bonus for sports fans, while Disney Junior will continue to attract kids to the Apple’s living room appliance.

Last week, Apple added iTunes Radio and many new features to the device. A few weeks ago, the company added a couple of Disney Channel apps, The Weather Channel, Vevo, and a Smithsonian app. Thanks DJ

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10 Responses to “Apple boosts Apple TV content offerings with Major League Soccer, Disney Junior”

  1. Means nothing if they are only working with a few cable providors. I’m on Dish, subscribed to all of the services and still cannot get any of them to work with ATV


    • MLS uses a feature similar to You subscribe to MLS Live for $59 per year, and you get access to all games except for the blackout games (ESPN & NBC games, some in market games). Non-paying MLS Live subscribers can still watch highlights, interviews, and other content, just not full games.

      I’ve been waiting all year for Apple to approve the MLS app. Took them long enough!


  2. do I need to have a cable subscription to view either of these?


  3. Unfortunately, like 99% of the other apps on Apple TV, this does nothing whatsoever for international users…


  4. Lee Palisoc says:

    And again.. Not available in Canada. Pfffft.


  5. I thought Disney Junior was added a while back. I know because we have a two year old and I thought this was awesome…until I saw that Brighthouse does allow us to view it. I can’t wait for FIOS to come to our area. I will drop Brighthouse in a heartbeat.


  6. I wonder if a reorganization of the home screen is in the works. At the rate they’re adding apps now, it’ll start making the menu a little unwieldy.


  7. Say it with me, people… “Where’s Amazon Instant Video?” AirPlaying from the app on my iPhone is meh.


  8. ifunography says:

    If they could get English Premier League and/or Spanish Primera on this thing, then I’d get excited.