With Apple’s new gold iPhone 5s getting the most attention of any of the new colorful iPhones it released earlier this month, Samsung wants you to know that it isn’t copying Apple with its new gold Galaxy S4.

In a blog post on its official Samsung Tomorrow blog titled, “Golden History of Samsung Phones,” the company makes a point of noting that it announced the Gold Galaxy S4 on August 27th and launched it in stores on September 8– over a week before Apple’s gold iPhone 5s launch. It also showed off some gold phones it’s made dating back to 2004.

Some were unreleased like special edition phones for the Olympics and one for Ocean’s 13, and Samsung notes that “this is definitely not a complete list of gold-colored products made by Samsung.”

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52 Responses to “Samsung: We’ve been making gold phones longer than Apple has been making phones”

  1. Jason Olsen says:

    Samsung: Someone PLEASE pay attention to us! We have big screens!

  2. Paul Threatt says:

    Apple hasn’t produced a gold phone yet. They just call it “gold”. They’ll let Samsung run with true, tacky gold. How’s that been workin’ for ya Samsung? 2004 you said?

  3. shortly after apple releases one you decide to announce a gold phone and then make a point you had those colors before….. pathetic

  4. Hmm, but how interesting they made some crappy looking gold phones and now Apple comes with I think brilliantly looking gold iPhone and they have to copy once again and make their shitty S4 in gold (which will be just bad looking I think because they just force it, not a feel in it).

  5. brolloh says:

    Woop woop! Default blue underlined hyperlinks – that famous Samsung attention to detail runs deep.

  6. rogifan says:

    I’m curious when Apple ever claimed they were the first one to make a gold colored phone?

  7. rlowhit says:

    Lets all say they still copied Apple on this one and see where it goes.

  8. you call does thins phone?

  9. wildmarkets says:

    Who the hell needs a justification from such a company? This company will always remain pathetic!

  10. Eric Davis says:

    Interesting how Samsung keeps addressing what Apple does, but Apple never mentions anything Samsung does.

  11. I’d love to see the numbers on how many “gold” phone Samsung actually sold since 2004, and see how many gold iPhones Apple has sold in it’s first week. I bet Apple sold more.

  12. Onio Tan says:

    5s its not even gold, gold is more yellow and gold is ugly..strength of the colour does not determine quality of the phone, it just makes it even more ugly
    what Apple did is, it made more graceful, pleasant , snappy
    Samsung is more tacky, crapy and best of all, ugly

  13. It’s telling that they feel the need to explain themselves. Feel guilty much? Especially when most are not listening.. just observing that they are, yup, releasing a gold phone of their flagship line right after Apple..

    It’s not that they have not had a gold phone.. it’s the timing of having one RIGHT after Apple releases one to compete. Duh..

  14. Omar Negron says:

    This is so irrelevant…

  15. This is pretty funny and sad…anyway, I used to rock a Samsung Armani B7620 – the windows mobile one with the keyboard and the sapphire screen…it was pretty sick, it had a gold rim and back.

  16. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    Did Apple ever say it had the first gold smartphone? No. They certainly didn’t mention it at the keynote. Samsung just wants to make sure it gets its own share of attention as if anyone cares. It’s probably just a coincidence they’ve introduced their gold S4 smartphone within a few days of the gold iPhone. I know Samsung couldn’t produce them overnight so there must have been some advance planning when Samsung caught wind Apple had a gold iPhone in the works. I’m happy for Samsung. I’m sure their gold S4 will sell like hotcakes in China while slowpoke Apple falls behind trying to meet demand for the gold iPhone 5s.

  17. Lee Palisoc says:

    We don’t caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare….

  18. pedro2nr says:

    That looks tacky.
    All shades of gold are.

  19. It’s very condescending from Samsung to imply that people thought that Apple was the first company to make a gold colored cellphone. It’s kind of obvious to everyone that it was not the case, and Apple nor anyone ever pretended that they did.

    But the reality is, like it or not, is that Apple is a trend setter. What was tacky is now cool.

    A gold Galaxy S4 at launch earlier this year would’ve made the news on some tech blogs for a day (or simply a mention in the reviews), but that’s it. Nothing like the “gold fever” that’s reached mainstream media since the gold iPhone was announced and released. It’s obvious that Samsung wanted to capitalize on the fact that Apple set a new trend, and it will only confirm their reputation as a “copier” in the minds of many.

  20. samsung couldn’t make S4 gold before iPhone 5S, wat a shame..

  21. rcanales says:

    This shows Samsung’s weakness. They get mad and nervous when people talk about them and are forced to to prove themselves to the public. Apple has nothing to prove and doesn’t show any weakness. It shows how smarter their marketing and public relations compared to Samsung’s.

  22. Aaron Jarvi says:

    Someday Samsung may finally realize it’s about actually selling the product, not just making it.

  23. Scott Adams says:

    Pity poor Samsung…soooo insecure.

  24. samsung are clearly envy! it s not about who made it first! it s about a phone color!!! that s it
    that s the reason i don t buy a galaxy, even being a great device! i don’t appreciate ENVY

  25. Ford has been making cars longer than Lexus (yes, Apple is the luxury Lexus here). What’s their point?

  26. Wow! The lapdogs are out today.

  27. beenenstein says:

    This is ‘so’ Samsung.

  28. mattyk84 says:

    May have made them first, but apple is the first to make one people actually want.

  29. reynoutvab says:

    Nokia: We’ve been making gold phones longer than Samsung has been making phones

  30. 311sie says:

    Fail to understand why does it matter who made the first “gold” phone. I haven’t heard apple claiming theirs was first.

  31. viscoun304 says:

    why does samsung feel the need to compete against a dickish company like apple? samsung’s phones are already way better than the iphone series. iphone’s hype only comes from the brainwashed apple-fan masses. samsung’s phones are above that. don’t do this to yourself, samsung.

  32. Rich Alex says:

    They just don’t want the sheep to cry copy that’s all. Love my s4 and love my ipad mini. Everyone can co exist. Apple is the big dog so everything is always focused on beating them or keeping up with them. Same with any company. you don’t want to get left behind and lose profit by not staying relevant.

  33. Then why don’t you release it at the time you release S4 back then on May? Why now? and have to announce this thing.

  34. Who cares? Nowadays you put a case on your phone more than you did back then. I got the space gray and I love it.

  35. I bet the gold galaxy will be easier to get then the gold iPhone.

  36. Samsung has a history of blatant copyright violations… Dyson,Apple.. many more… their products are low quality, low grade materials… their company motive is to spy on the competition and try to discredit it… this is one very good example…. after seeing the massive success of the gold iPhone 5s…. they released their own plastic COMEDY GOLD version… and deny the act as copying..it you think and prove that i’m wrong? i would change my name to kwok lee tan dee jin shit sung pook.

  37. Keith Green says:

    Wow, that’ll make me switch…

  38. Michael Gill says:

    Poor poor Samsung. Who cares? You are definitely coming off as pathetic now.

  39. Michael Gill says:

    Don’t worry Samsung. Your gold S4 will probably sell millions of units. Especially if it lands in the US. Ship it already and stop all your whining.

  40. Joe Belkin says:

    Wow, that’s quite a showcase of fugly – they don’t seem to get that Apple releases 1 gold iphone that looks classy, refined and elegant … Samsung, after 50 tries might as well sell a grill that goes on your teeth that says Samsung – has anyone asked them why after 50 phones, they ALL look like ass?