As per Mark’s scoop last week, Staples has indeed begun selling the iPad and is offering the full line with 5% back in Staples gift cards. Staples now also carries every iPod model including the iPod touch, Classic, Nano and shuffle. You can now order the iPad from its online stores (which will begin shipping next week), and if online sales go well, through its physical retail stores early next year. Staples will also begin putting up iPad kiosks in its stores next week.

You’ll recall from our iPad Product Page, we’d probably recommend holding off the purchase of any iPad because Apple will likely update its line in October.  However, those companies with Staples purchasing accounts will now be able to scoop up an iPad on the corporate account.

Staples began carrying Apple products in the US earlier this year and would seem to be doing well at it as evidenced by the expanding line of products. 

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3 Responses to “Staples begins selling the iPad (and iPods) through its US online store”

  1. PMZanetti says:

    Like every Staples, Radioshack, and Target, it will be just another great place to stop and grab a Lightning cable, Smart Cover, or other accessory.

    No one will walk into Staples and walk out with an iPad. Just like no one walks out with any of the array of tablets, PCs or other imitation gadgets.


  2. nortorovega says:

    Reblogged this on Apple News Now and commented:
    Now that staples is selling iPads, it’s now closer than ever to see an Apple product in almost every store you go.


  3. Mason Carson says:

    i work at staples and i am having no problems selling the ipad , not only do customers get 5% back in rewards, they get help with the setup if needed, and as a tech i can actually answer the customers questions.. our competitors locally cannot do that (wally world)… also i enjoy getting to work with apple products for a change..