We’ve already seen some sketchy leaks claiming to show photos of gold and space gray iPads that match the new colors unveiled with the iPhone 5s, and today designer Martin Hajek posted his latest concept showing what a champagne gold and blue iPad mini might look like.

While there hasn’t been any reliable reports of specific colors for the new iPads, back in July The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has been “contemplating multiple color back covers” for the iPad mini.

If the latest reports are to be believed, Apple is readying two new iPad models that could launch as early as this month. A new full-sized “iPad 5″ is rumored to include a slimmer, iPad mini-like design that we first posted images of back in January, and rumor has it Apple’s refreshed second gen iPad mini will get a Retina display and improved internals. The most recent report claimed the new iPads will include upgraded 8 megapixel rear cameras with larger apertures.

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7 Responses to “Concept imagines iPad mini 2 in blue and gold [Gallery]”

  1. Cathy Vaughn says:

    The blue and gold renderings look nice. I think the iPad mini in particular would look great in a few colors other than silver and dark gray.


  2. I would buy a blue one if that color was available. However since gold is probably going to be the color of choice and the “rare” one, if an iPad mini comes out I will be getting a 64GB Wifi in Gold.


  3. Does Martin Hajek pay you to post his mockups here? I guess I just don’t get the point of these mockups. How are they news (or rumors for that matter)?


  4. Hamza Sheikh says:

    WOW. The rendering looks amazing to me. Gold looks cool, I am seriously considering to get an iOS device in gold color. Just waiting for Apple to release all upgrades in the market. So I can easily choose which one I am going to get in which color. :-D


  5. I’ll be purchasing a full size iPad 5, gold, 64gb with Verizon data, only if it has touch Id. Otherwise ill stick with my 3