(via ctechcn.com)

(via ctechcn.com)

While we take this particular image with a very large grain of salt, CtechCN.com has posted what it claims to be an iPad 5 featuring Touch ID, the fingerprint recognition system Apple introduced last month with the iPhone 5s. The site previously posted leaked iPhone 5c internals ahead of its debut, but otherwise has little track record to judge, and this particular photo offers little evidence of authenticity.

The photo is also sketchy in that the metal ring on the Home button seems to be larger and more noticeable than on the iPhone. It’s unclear if Apple’s Home button design would need to differ on the iPad from the iPhone if Touch ID were to be integrated. Here’s the photo with some enhanced lighting:

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 7.46.00 AM

The company is set to announce the next update to its iPad lineup next Tuesday at a press event, but it’s still unclear if either the iPad or iPad mini will sport the same Touch ID system as the iPhone 5s. It would be desired for Apple to bring feature parity to the tablet, but there are reasons to still be skeptical without more evidence at this point.

Apple debuted the Touch ID fingerprint scanner at its September iPhone event with the iPhone 5s, but notably left the Touch ID feature out of the cheaper iPhone 5c.

We do believe the update to the full-sized iPad will appear dramatically different, adopting the design of the iPad mini while retaining its 9.7″ display as seen in these photos we posted in January. Reports have also claimed both new iPad models could adopt colors from the iPhone 5s.

Be sure to tune in next week with full coverage of Apple’s announcement.

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2 Responses to “Sketchy photo claims iPad 5 will have Touch ID fingerprint scanner”

  1. PMZanetti says:

    Sketchy or not, iPad 5 will have Touch ID. Mini will not.

    Can be said with 99% certainty without any leaks.


    • I think the mini is more likely to get the fingerprint scanner, as it’s more portable than the iPad and more likely to be lost or stolen. But in my opinion, the finger print scanner will make its way to both iPad and ipad mini.